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Edexcel Applied ICT Unit 7

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by eurythmic, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Am teaching this unit independently for the first time this year (taught alongside a senior colleage last year who has now retired). Last year I was new to it all, had done databases at uni but in a far more theoretical way with SQL rather than using Access or similar to create forms, sub-forms, macros, etc. It was all a steep learning curve! The challenge was enjoyable and I am getting my teeth into it again now, working through some past papers to try and increase my confidence before teaching it. I am feeling the pressure, however, of having to be 100% with it all as I have no colleagues to turn to to help me problem-solve, etc!
    Anyway, last year we taught the unit by working through the exercises in the Heathcote, Farrell and Dunn book, but I found them really hard to get my head around and so did the kids - the PRS example gets very complex and unless you are familiar with the detail of how a warehouse works (which I am not and my students are not either!) then I think it is quite hard to get your head around the scenario, let alone come up with appropriate database solutions. I was wondering if anyone had found any other good resources/exercises to use when teaching this unit. I would be very grateful for any suggestions!

  2. Hi,
    I am now teaching the Applied ICT course for the first time and am in a similar situation to you last year. I have got the book by Heathcote Farrell and Dunn but am finding it all too confusing.
    In particular I am struggling with macros and don't know where to start with teaching basic Access macros. Have you got any worksheets/tasks/information to get the pupils started? They have covered macros before, but not in Access and I have never come across it before.

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