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Edexcel applied ICT unit 7 exam 6957 June 2016

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by teach_r, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. teach_r

    teach_r New commenter

    Now the pre-release is out this is a thread for teachers to comment and share ideas.
  2. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    Hope to collaborate with colleagues as not taught this unit before. TIA
  3. SChell

    SChell New commenter

    Any thoughts on entities?
    Are the judges teachers?
    I am thinking: Establishment, Teacher, Judge, Act,
    but not sure about the Rounds, Votes
  4. hj702

    hj702 New commenter

    I think the judges are not teachers. I have 2 options at the moment - Establishment, Teacher, Judge, Act, Rounds or Establishment, Teacher, Act, Rounds - Only because it doesn't mention doing anything with the judges in the possible tasks?
  5. nnafisa66

    nnafisa66 New commenter

    I was thinking Establishment, Teacher, Judge, Act and Round. The scenario mentions recording votes and the judges are part of the votes.
    Not sure how the keeping track of videos will work though.
    Establishment to Teacher - 1-M
    Establishment to Act - 1-M
    Act to Judge - M-M (maybe the Round could be a link table)

    Any thoughts??
  6. dani2006

    dani2006 New commenter

    Teachers are judges at the final round so I guess they are the judges. Therefore it is difficult to see how teachers and judges can be two separate entities.
  7. teach_r

    teach_r New commenter

    I am thinking Establishment definitely, Act definitely, Results definitely (this will contain the act round and number of votes) and I was pondering with either a rounds table or a teacher table.
  8. teach_r

    teach_r New commenter

    No one seems to have mentioned a results table but I am assuming that each act will perform in the first round and be assigned a number of votes 0-4. If they get 3 or above then they go to the next round and perform again also getting votes. So my thinking was that this would be the basis of the results table.
  9. dani2006

    dani2006 New commenter

    I can see Result being an entity, as you said it will record which Act, from which Establishment and number of votes(validation 1-4)
  10. dani2006

    dani2006 New commenter

    One problem I am seeing is the M-M r/ship between Act and Teacher/Judges.
  11. SChell

    SChell New commenter

    I think the Videos are the acts so they are the same thing really. Perhaps the Acts table will have attributes: Act ID, Type (Solo or Band), Category (Classical, Pop) and Video
  12. Mantiega2

    Mantiega2 New commenter

    Do you not think that they will have a different video for each round? Bit like a 'performance'. The voting can take place for the performance, or even in a separate table if you want to record who voted. It is a little confusing that there are two different types of voting systems, one for the rounds and one for the final.
  13. SChell

    SChell New commenter

    Other thing to think about is that there are only 4 judges
    You could well be right about the performance. I am wondering if the teachers are assigned to be judges for a particular round (until the final one) as the scenario states an act must have 3 out of 4 votes to go to the next round.
  14. Mantiega2

    Mantiega2 New commenter

    The teachers don't vote in the final round, the establishment votes. The question is are judges establishments or are establishments added to judges.

    The voting is either a number field on a performance table (so no record of who votes) or a separate table. 'Keeping track of videos' is also a bit of a vague term. Oh the fun.
  15. belch

    belch New commenter

    My initial idea 1:M establishment to teacher and 1:M teacher to act instead of linking act to establishment as it's the teacher who administers the competition and the person to upload the videos too. What are you thoughts on this?
  16. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Not teaching this unit this year. Bit disappointing but enjoying the threads so far.
  17. gapaac

    gapaac New commenter

    Here are my thoughts on this. Tables for:
    Acts (with Act details),
    Establishment (with establishment details, and possibly the admin teacher)
    Video (video details)
    Judges (judges details plus the vote)
    Could be further normalised by separating out the teachers details?
    There needs to be a rounds table but I don't know where i can fit this in.
    Any thoughts as to how the rounds are meant to work, I am not sure of the number of rounds either. Could there be a separate table for rounds that is updated after the votes are recorded?
    dani2006 likes this.
  18. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Bearing the caveat in mind that I don't have access to the pre-release.
    Looking at gapaac's comment above:
    • can each judge vote more than once? It seems so as there is some mention of a 'Rounds' table.
    Judges -< Votes >- Video

    Votes (VoteID,JudgeID, VideoID, Round)
    • can each Act have more than one video?
    If not there is no need for the separate Act/Video tables.
  19. teach_r

    teach_r New commenter

    I agree with Mantiega2 about the performances table. The competition is in rounds and the only reason to have rounds is so that acts can do different performances and receive votes for each individual performance (x-factor, Britain's got talent). Performance being an entity based on the act and round number.(therefore video would also be in this performances table and uploaded each round by the teachers of the successful acts. All acts will be in round one but only acts that get 3 or more votes will go through to round 2. This looks like a bit of processing to generate new performances for these acts based on the next round. Each performance needs votes recorded for it. I also agree that there could bee two ways of recording the votes. One where it is just a number of votes field against the performance in which case this could go in the performances table or two where there is a separate (results/Votes) table which records who made each vote. Either way the processing is fairly similar to generate new performances. The issue as rightly pointed out is that for the second method how do you record who voted when first rounds are judges and final round is establishments & Judges. I am also assuming that in the first rounds as there are only 4 judges they vote for multiple acts to go through to the next round, whereas in the final round you only get to vote for one act. Please feel free to disagree and add to the comment.

    *A problem shared is a problem halved!!
    gapaac likes this.
  20. Charlie W

    Charlie W New commenter

    I think Edexcel have been very clever this year. There's too little information provided to really know how it will need to be structured, and they've only given a list of "possible" tasks students may have to complete, rather than the usual numbered list broken down into more detail.
    For what it is worth, I agree that the mechanics of the voting system is the big unknown here. I suspect that the number of votes will be part of the round/performances table, and therefore who leaves the votes won't be recorded. If it works like that though, there is no need for a Judges table, and all you'd need is Establishments, Teachers, Acts and Round/Performances. That would be just 4 tables. Append queries to set up the records in the Rounds/Performances table, based on which acts scored at least 3 votes in the previous round.

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