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Edexcel Applied ICT Unit 3 January 2012 ? Question 4 ? bad marking.

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by hollata, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. A few students from our Centre re-sat Unit 3, The Knowledge Worker in January 2012. Looking at Results Plus they all did very badly on question 4, the report. This hasn’t happened in previous years so we got a couple of papers back. The marker has not given credit for the factors they have given which may affect profitability, despite lots of well written valid factors. As a result of this they have all been limited to mark band 1. The assessor has marked exactly to the 5 factors on the mark scheme which are by no means exhaustive. I have emailed Gareth Byrne but just received a standard reply about how to have scripts remarked. I have had second opinions and everyone is in agreement that the factors are valid and the marking is atrocious. Has this happened to anyone else? The mark scheme doesn’t say to allow for indicative content but it would seem incredible to expect candidates to second guess the factors on the list that Edexcel have come up with.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    I would go for a remark. We sent some back last year for unit 7 and they all changed to higher grades, some by quite a few marks.
    My only concern is that you may be to late as there is a time limit on getting them remarked.
  3. Thanks. The deadline is 17th so will just have to get it in quickly in the new term. I would like clarification that marks should be given for indicative content - can anyone help with this?
    We received the completely wrong set off grades for Unit 7 last Summer. When I asked for a couple of scripts back (as the results were much lower than expected) I heard from Edexcel that they had given us the wrong grades by mistake. A lot of the students went up by over 20 UMS.

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