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Edexcel Applied ICT Unit 3 exam Jan 2012

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by colwynexile, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    I doubt this as the max no available is given in B19:E19 so why bother with a formula if it is simply the max available?
    The rating will be a formula that I believe they will be give a "words" version to make a formula from.
  2. Does anyone else think I am mad in thinking I will simply put an IF statement in the Season Weeks sheet such that if the rental weeks value is 0, the season weeks is 0 but if not then it equals the max available weeks. B8 would look something like
    <font face="Calibri" size="3">=IF(&lsquo;Rental Setting&rsquo;!B8=0,0,&rsquo;Season Weeks&rsquo;!$B$19)
    THis makes much more sense than using the Index and Match functions as these functions are already in place in the revenue worksheet. If they stay in the Seasons Weeks sheet, then you multiply the occupancy by the occupancy - no sense there. Anyone else get this??

  3. Based on past experience that seems much more likely than some of the other ideas that people are proposing.
    The excel side of this exam has always been relatively simple, and the many of the marks are from the non excel side eg the report and conclusions.

    I agree that the index and match functions are already there, therefore using it again in a formula no student would be able to make, is just repetition.

    it seems that the AHHL will give us a formulae which will be the tricky bit as we need to give the students ideas on how this could work.
  4. dmml

    dmml New commenter

    Edexcel don't know when a ski season is
  5. hi there

    is Available Weeks in the Season Weeks Sheet not a Total? i know it is not to be calculated because it is not in
    a white cell, but will all the properties share the same number of available weeks? look a bit odd.

  6. Thought the same myself but we've got to remember that these are basic models that are not meant to be perfect. I think the formula above is correct.
  7. I am very much stuck as well, somebody PLEASE help me
  8. I can see how that might work, having tried it. Would certainly fit more with previous Unit 3 examinations. It does make it a bit of a throw away worksheet, as noone would charge &pound;0 for a property, so maybe there will be a different figure provided? Maybe even if the rental value is less than the 80% value from the AHHL worksheet then set it to 0?
    I think I will quickly go over this with my students tomorrow before their exam next week, just in case.
  9. Having just tried my thoughts above - I think it would more likely be the 100% figure as this is the lower of the two. I guess all will be revealed next week.
    Almost time for this discussion to end, with the exam season for this starting on Monday. I will certainly be reading the paper with interest, once it has been sat by my students and their papers are in the post - the exams office are quite strict at our place and won't allow the staff to see the exam paper until the answer papers have left the building. Which is fine by me.
  10. staxis

    staxis New commenter

    I have to say I was not entirely happy with the exam this time around. On the plus side it was less predictable than normal so that candidates could show that they could think on their feet.
    On the minus side, I think it was a spreadsheet exam. The students were asked to translate formulae from 'words' to the spreadsheet, and they were asked to do this in several places. There seemed to be less emphasis on modelling and using the model.
  11. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    On the countary, I would say that this was always going to be a hugely predictable exam, without any of the twists in the tails that have dogged the last 2 summer exams. This was always going to be a straight forward find the answer exam.
    The amount of modelling is always much less than expected becuase this is not solely a modelling unit. It is all about understanding the scenario and situation, and then creating a working model, finding a result and then reporting on it, in 2 1/2 hrs.
  12. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    Yup. The usual "race to type as much as possible", but with less to think about in terms of actual spreadsheeting. My kids actually liked it. More than can be said about Turtle Beach and Deer Valley Railway....

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