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Edexcel Applied ICT Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ikyboo, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Me too. I entered 15 pupils and received 15 U's. The majority of these pupils are bright - totally unexpected. The formula below didn't work for us either so we worked round it. I've got 4 papers back which I'm checking and I'm seeing discrepancies. One pupil has gone from a U to a C! The report was hugely undermarked. What are you doing about it?
  2. I have similar results to those mentioned above. Third year of teaching this Unit, usually goes very well.
    Sent off an appeal for one of my students and depending on the result of this I will appeal for the rest of them.
  3. My pupils have also lost marks for not having 4 tables, ie visit choice table, so have lost marks for relatiionships and primary key etc.
  4. Not sure why some of the queries, ie unpaid query 3 c i, (C1), would be ran from the student table. My pupils have ran it from the payment table. Do you know why/how it would be ran from the student table. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
  5. For question 4 (c) (ii) they get 1 mark for already paid £300 and Balance £400 or £0, so they must have they both to get the mark, but there wasn't a requirement for Balance when creating the form as part of Activity 3!
  6. I would appreciate somebody looking at a pupil's Activity 6 below, and letting me know how many marks you would give it - I'll then let you know how many it was actually awarded!

    <u>Evaluation of the Prototype</u>
    The prototype is robust. It is easy to use and carries out the tasks mentioned in the scenario effectively.
    Similarly, use of calculations utilising the prototype is fairly straightforward. It is easy to deduct the payment already made by students from the total &pound;400 payment they need to make. Furthermore, it is easy to update the payment records as entering the payment amount in the payment form automatically modifies the main database where the payment details are originally stored.
    In addition, the prototype has been modified in a way that makes it easier and quicker to generate new student ID thus saving time as the student ID is generated automatically after entering the student's surname. Moreover, it is easy to add new student's personal details as the prototype consists of a Data Entry form Charles can easily use. The data entry form is also simple to use as it is altered to be user-friendly.
    The prototype can also be used in the future as validation rules and relationships are applied which minimises duplication of data and ensures that the data being inputted are correct. For example, due to the validation rules applied in the prototype created, entering a payment of &pound;150 will automatically provide an error message as it is stated in the scenario that the students can only make a payment of either &pound;400 or &pound;100 instalments. This makes the prototype convenient to use and it actually follows the requirements and rules which are stated in the scenario.
    Nonetheless, there are also some drawbacks in using the prototype such as it is quite difficult to save the choice of visit of students. This is due to the fact that it is easy to make a mistake in entering the data and there are several macros that need to be applied.
    <u>Recommendations for further functionality</u>
    The fully functioning version should be able to create payment invoice hence students and/or their parents are able to obtain receipts regarding payment they've made. Providing receipts to parents will ensure that they are aware of how much they've already paid and how much they still need to pay in order to pay for the whole cost of the trip. This will avoid any problems in the future if the student or the parents fails to remember how much they've already paid for the trip.
    For further functionality, the prototype can also be used for other trips in the future as it already contains relelvant informatioin such as the student's passport number and emergency contact details. The prototype can be employed easily by just adding further relevant visit details that might be required.
    Moreover, having to enter the details of a new student and keeping the database up-to-date can also be modified as surely there is already an existing database the school's office administer has created. Instead of having to type up and re-enter personal details of students surely it is possible to just obtain relevant information from the existing database. This would be more efficient and will save time for managing trips in the future.
    The fully functioning version should also be able to up-date itself automatically. For example if a student's personal details from the main database is modified. It should automatically have an effect on the database that will be used for the visit trip. This will minimise errors and ensures that important informatiom provided to assigned teachers are correct.
    Furthermore, the fully functioning version should also be able to easily provide print-out information of all the personal details of each student and which place they will visit first. This should be given to each student, hence they can check if the details inputted in the database are precise and correct.
  7. You may find they wont have changed much. I had a similar situation last year, sent for the whole cohort to be re moderated, but there was hardly any change. We asked for an EV to visit us, and they told us sometimes they use none specific moderators, and may not have allowed any discretion. We complained that it appeared the moderators were picking key words to enable them to award a mark or not. This was evidenced in two of our students where they answered a question correctly, but in their own explanatry words and NOT the words used by Edexcel moderators. Hope this helps, BTW after that we changed awarding bodies. LOL
  8. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Fully_Paid is related to the student not to the payment therefore that field, and hence the query has to be in the student table.

  9. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    That should have been expected really given the pre-release scenario - it was always going to require 4 fields otherwise how could you book visits?
    That said the given specific scenario of either / or visit would make a solution to this specific problem doable in 3 tables however this would not be adaptable to other scenarios.

  10. Another reason to scrap the exam boards.
    We had a whole cohort under achieve a few years ago and I recalled all the papers that were 2 or more grades below the mock results. Guess what they were all incorrectly marked but the exam board refused to re-assess the rest of the cohort.

    Questions like "should you have to pay to see information held about you by an organisation?" - My students said No, but you might be charged an administration fee. Well the mark scheme just said "yes" and all my students were awarded no marks.

    A friend at the local Uni said that 1st year students had been asked to mark the papers and told not to deviate from the mark scheme. I was disgusted but could not get the exam board to re-mark the rest of the cohort.
  11. Thanks for the response. The pupils created the prototype, but improvements were suggested in some of their reports that functionality could be improved by using it for future visits and creating a table with the different visits on it. They used a visit table, payment table and student table and students were assigned one of the visits from the visit table, which only had the 4 records, (ie dates), which ever trip they were assigned to on on the first day they went on the second trip the second day. Thought this would be OK as it was a prototype.
  12. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Erm why would you create another table for other visits, you already have a visits table. Your problem is that you don't have a table for recording which student is to go on which trip. As pointed out previously you need 4 tables to make this work

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