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Edexcel A2 level Art exam question, and also GCSE (IGCSE)

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Wolfiefish, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Wolfiefish

    Wolfiefish New commenter

    I have found out that every year the examination officer sends out the pupils to be entered for exams really late, like in late March. And every year I never receive the Art exam questions on time, to give the pupils their full 6 weeks prep.
    So I resort to asking other teachers in good old Blighty, what the Exam questions are.
    Does anyone know them yet? IGCSE (I think it is the same as normal GCSE) and A2 level title.
    I have read that the GCSE exam title is "Work, rest and play", (a Mars a day), is that true? If so, do the pupils have to represent all three activities in one piece of work or can they choose "Rest" for example and just fcus on that.
    Any help will be lovely and ease the anxiety of a stressed Art teacher working abroad.
  2. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    A2 is 'Passions and Obsessions'
    AS 'Rhythms and Cycles'
    GCSE 'Work, Rest and Play'
    I would expect students to take any aspect of the question to explore, not necessarily all three.

    Tate site - Young Tate/exam help has some additional resources up now.
  3. Wolfiefish

    Wolfiefish New commenter

    Thanks for the reply Joli2. I'll have a look at the Young Tate site for ideas. Cheers.
  4. You can log on to edexcel with a code that your exam officer can obtain for you to use every year. This gives you access to the papers earlier so you can have a sort-out first.
    Also it's eight taught weeks prep. We have to do our GCSE ten hour practical exam before Easter and it's such a squash. Thank goodnes the A level is later.

  5. Hello,
    I have been searching the web for some time to see how I could get a PDF of this past paper- it is not available on the EdExcel site, even though November 2010 and November 2009 are- they seemed to have missed loading May 2010- can you help? I seem to have had my copies of that paper vanish- the others for the last 7 exam times are in a folder that i store in a filing cabinet. I plan to scan them all to a digital file now.

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