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Edexcel A2 Drama Written Exam

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Hi gardned.

    Yes the reference to original performance context is a major element in these answers. I was told by Alan Perks that this needs to be embedded in their answers for it to be in the top bands. So, for example, it may be as simple as them saying they're using masks in a particular scene, which they have chosen to do as a reference to the original performance conditions. (We did Lysistrata.) Ours got into the habit of thinking of it as the hidden part of the question that's always there, even when it's not. (Though why they don't just tag it on at the end of the questions, I'm not sure.)

    Ours did less well on section C this year. I think it was partly because they struggled with talking about the production we saw which was a bit uninspiring!
  2. Hi,
    Just to echo what crunchynut has said. Our students made that mistake the year before and we gor Alan Perks to visit our school and do some work with the students and the teachers. It was a huge help as it really helped us focus and was also a lot cheaper than sending 2 0r 3 teachers on a course! This year the students did loads better in the written exam and we even got some A*, which was great. I would recommend you contact Alan and see if he can come in. hope that helps
  3. OMG! Would love to see an A* do you ahve a copy to share i would be so grateful.

  4. Would agree with that. That's what we did and it was so helpful. And you get to ask the questions you want which isn't always possible on a course. We had an A* last year but I was too late to request the paper! (118/120 - probably better than I would have done!!) Had nothing above a C this year but was what was expected from the kids.
  5. Hi thanks for all the comments. Could you clarify who Alan Perks is - Edexcel? and how to get in touch with him as this sounds like a great option. Thanks,
  6. He's Chief Examiner on the A level, and in charge of Unit 4. If you google dramaperks you'll find his site and should be able to get in touch with him that way.
  7. Brilliant - thanks so much!

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