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Edexcel A2 Course - only have 2 students enrolled - what do I do?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by dramabebby, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone
    Have discovered today that I've lost a student from my Drama group, meaning I only now have 2 students for A2.
    We don't have AS running because of lack of numbers and I'm the only Drama teacher, so not easy to find a third person to work with them.
    Does anyone know the rules about this? I'll phone Edexcel in the morning, but would like some guidance now if anyone can give it!!
    Thank you.
  2. Hi,
    I thought I'd have the same problem so I asked Edexcel. As long as there are three perfomers in the practical piece, it is fine (although double check). So you could have a teacher or a student in the performance that do not get marked.

  3. our numbers are dropping too...I am so concerned. Is this a trend across the country...? Our 6th form numbers as a school are low this year...any thoughts? All are going off to college in city centre...nightmare.
  4. We have a lot who go for new subjects - media, psychology and health and social have a really big uptake. Our numbers are slightly, but not significantly, lower at GCSE and AS this year and I've had a couple leave at A2. I think they're really focusing on what jobs they could potentially get with their GCSEs/A levels, and I think the perception can be that drama isn't very useful.
  5. My numbers are pretty good. I am the only drama teacher too which is always a huge challenge even if you only have 4 at A Level.
    I've got 15 at A2 (three dropped out from last year; one went to college, one decided to do an apprenticeship and the other failed her other exams but got a B for me so wasn't allowed to stay!) and I have 12 at AS this year which is a nicer (and better) number for me to work with than 18 which I had last year.
    I've not really noticed the dip to be honest. And, I could be wrong but isn't 3 the minimum number for Unit 3???
  6. That's similar numbers to us, Nwyllie. We have 12 at AS too which is a really nice number.

    3 is the minimum number but you can have a non-assessed candidate perform. I'd find this a bit worrying, though I understand it's what you have to do when you have no choice, as surely the non-assessed candidate is only going to be able to give limited time.
  7. I too have two students only and have had it confirmed by Edexcel that a third student must be found for the performance. I suppose it is open to debate how big a part the third person plays in the piece - it could, presumably, be quite minimal. The research and development phase - or most of it - in reality, is only going to involve the two students supported by the teacher/me. It would be helpful if the third person could be the teacher/me, so long as the teacher/me doesn't play a major part in the devising process itself. The teacher/me would get them going, leave them to it (or at least get more hands-off) and then join in again when the piece was in advance stages of development and ready to rehearse for performance. Is that feasible or fanciful?
  8. We also only had 2 students in AS because of the disaster caused by the GCSE results. My AS course has now been withdrawn as not viable and, despite what i did to encourage the students to stay, they were too downhearted about such a small group and felt that there would be no atmosphere. I am gutted that for the first time in my career, Iwill have no AS group. I personally feel it is the year that I do best and i love working on the group plays. WE have also always got really good results, mostly A-C and in A2 this year got 2 A*.
    HAving studied the mderator's reports, chief examiner's report and sppoken to teachers in other schools, I can see that there things I misunderstood but I still feel that much of what the exam board wanted to see was not made clear in the spec or ICE document and however much I had scrutinised the documents, I would not have know to do or not do certain things. We have requested re-moderation of unit 1 and 2 and some re-marks of unit 3 and we are waiting for th eresults. I feel very close thought owriting to Edexcel to say how upset I am that my timetable and the vialbilty of Dram in my school are being compromised. Can anyone suggest who the best person to write to is?
    Onwards and upwards, though! I am staying positive and I am going to work really hard this year to make sure that the current Year 11 have a good experience and get better marks and hope that I will have a Year 12 class next year!
  9. We ran the A2 course last year with only two students no problem, for the devised piece we simply asked a Year 12 AS student to perform in the final piece. He only played a small role and contributed mainly outside of lessons without having to complete the coursework.
  10. Consider changing to AQA. In the AQA course you are allowed groups of two. In my opinion their admin is better and their mark scheme clearer.

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