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Edexcel A2 Biology Unit 4 paper

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Bott, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Bott

    Bott New commenter

    I have been made aware by a number of my yr13 students today that the Unit 4 paper sat last week was nearly identical to a recent international paper. After a bit of searching I have found the paper. It is the Jan 2014 paper WBI04/01
    Some of the terminology has been changed, but any student who had access to this paper and did it as part of their revision will have had a significant advantage in the exam.

    Firstly I wanted to raise awareness of this and secondly for those already aware of it has anyone made contact with Edexcel and if so, what was the response.?

    In addition, the paper was quite heavily synoptic and Edexcel have claimed in a statement that less than a quarter of the marks were synoptic, however by our count it is 30%.

    I think this is a potentially very serious issue and some of my colleagues are saying that the marks for this paper are potentially unsafe.

    Would be interested to know your thoughts.

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