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Edexcel A level unit 1 Texts

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Tinyfairy, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. maltesefalcon

    maltesefalcon New commenter

    Hi dramaismylife I would really like to see the booklet you've devised for your students. I'm teaching AS and A2 for the first time in September (new job) which I'm really excited about but I have a lot to find out! I'll pm you with my email address! Thank you :)
  2. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Hi Dramaismylife,

    I'd love a copy of the booklet if you're willing to share? sarahjulius86@gmail.com.

    Thanks very much.
  3. I have schemes for Find Me, Blood Wedding, Metamorphosis, Caucasian Chalk Circle if anyone would like a look. This year I've opted for Find Me (Stan) and CCC (Brecht funnily enough).
  4. twigtwig

    twigtwig New commenter

    Lot's of people are asking for SoW and stuff just thinking would it be easier to put them in the resources section on here?????

    Otherwise i'd like everything that people have!!!!!!
  5. Can I get a copy of that too please? I'm teaching A-Level for the first time and though I'm excited I do need some help. Thanks.
  6. please could I get a copy - new start in sept and very scared xxx
  7. Please could I have a copy of scheme for find me. I'm doing my first year of drama teaching in September so any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much
  8. Oh and my email is k8turner@hotmail.com
  9. k8cturner - you have mail!
  10. You're a total star thank you
  11. Hi, I'm struggling to find a Metamorphosis scheme could you send me a copy please I would be very grateful. Many thanks.
  12. Hiya I've tried posting help requests on forums but don't really know if I'm doing it right so I hope you don't mind me directly replying to this old post. Ian coming off of maternity as the only drama teacher and the school is gaining sixth form! I was wondering if you could help, I don't even know where to start!! Thank you, any help would be appreciated :)
  13. I would absolutely love these schemes of work if that's ok? Email address is tinycharlotte@hotmail.co.uk

    I'm teaching a level for the first time and am really panicking. Also looking at doing Yerma, does anyone have anything on that?

    Thank you :)
  14. Hi Leekensian, would it be possible to get sow from you too please? I'm starting a level this term and am really nervous. My email address is tinycharlotte@hotmail.co.uk any help would be massively appreciated! :)

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