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Edexcel A level unit 1 Texts

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Tinyfairy, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am starting a new job in September and will be the only Drama teacher at my school. I have taught Edexcel A level before but only once. Can anyone recommend any texts they have used for unit 1 which work well?
  2. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am starting a new job in September and will be the only Drama teacher at my school. I have taught Edexcel A level before but only once. Can anyone recommend any texts they have used for unit 1 which work well?
  3. We use Beautiful Thing (Stanislavskian perspective) and Animal Farm (Brechtian perspective).
    Both work really well and we have had really encouraging comments about our choices on Moderator's Reports..
    With the old spec we used The Crucible and What the Butler Saw.
  4. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Thanks very I much, I will have a look at those. How do you go about introducing them to the students? Any ideas to get students engaged and looking at the eight elements that need to be covered would be really appreciated.

  5. Sure, if you private message an email address, I can send you our Records of Work we send to the moderator plus sample lesson plans.
  6. Hi Tinyfairy, we have done the following in the past; Metamorphosis (Berkoff as practitioner); Fences by August Wilson (Stanislavski); History Boys; Good Person (Brecht) and are having a go at Punk Rock in September. Metamorphosis always goes down a treat and so has Fences in the past - great contrasts whilst having similarities in theme - sons disappointing their demanding fathers. Let me know if you need any schemes of work etc. and i can let you have my email address. good luck, Leekensian.
  7. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Hi Leekensian,
    That would be great, thanks. If you want to message me your email address I'd love to see your schemes. I'm especially concerned about the coursework and students understanding the text as I will be teaching EAL students. Any tips on getting good quality coursework would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi

    We have used A Streetcar Named Desire and A Dolls House but looking to change A Dolls House anyone have any suggestions for a good contrast?

    Also does everyone do 2 practitioners? This year we moved to just linking one text to a practitioner and wondered views on that?

  9. I too taught AS for the first time this year and we used Find Me using Stanislavski and Metamorphosis using Brecht and Artaud. I was given the ROW for both from someone on here, I found them hugely helpful and adapted them for my students both texts were really good to use.
  10. Klylass,

    I am starting an AS course from scratch in September (our school is gaining a 6th form) is there any chance you could email me the ROW for any of those texts... If would be great to have a basis to start with...


    Musical Fan
  11. Yes of course, let me know your email address!

    Kay :)
  12. Hey :) We've worked a lot with students on a Ancient Greek Theatre perspective of The Bacchae contrasting it with a Berkovian look at East. They've proved to be really inspiring for the students, especially the strong difference between the context and language of the two pieces yet both with strong subject matter.

    We'd be more than happy to help and advise!

  13. theclarke

    theclarke New commenter


    That sounds fab could I be really cheeky and ask if there's any chance I could have a copy??
  14. We do Beautiful Thing with Stan and Our Country's Good with Brecht. It's always worked well and we've been happy with comments on moderator's reports etc. You only have to use a practitioner for one text in theory.

    I would recommend a page in their notebooks (or whatever they use) for each element and building in time at the end of each lesson for making notes about their practical exploration of whatever element they've looked at that day. They then have a good set of notes when they come to write up.

    In terms of writing up, they need to be careful to write about the process of exploration and not just a finished product, which they're often tempted to do. I have some top band examples if you'd like them? I'll need to send them when I'm back at work next week as they're on my computer there.
  15. We have created a booklet to support with notes that students have deadlines to meet happy to send on if anyone wants a copy!

    Thanks for the text suggestions it is really helpful!
  16. We have done and have records of works on the following:

    - Top Girls

    - Vinegar Tom

    - The Crucible

    - Blood Wedding

    - Bouncers

    They have all worked well and this years combination is Top Girls and Blood Wedding.
  17. Hi we do Our country's good - Brecht and Hedda Gabler for Stan
  18. We are re-thinking this year as we only have a group of three doing AS next year :-( We will probably stick with A Doll's House and Stan as our first text, but I am considering looking at Duffy's Grimm Tales as a contrast. Any advice on whether you think Grimm is challenging enough at AS - i'm sure they'd enjoy it, but i'm not sure it will allow them to access top band... ?! Otherwise, perhaps a Frantic - pool (no water)? Any thoughts much appreciated! Many thanks :)
  19. maltesefalcon

    maltesefalcon New commenter

    Sorry that was meant to be thank you! :)
  20. maltesefalcon

    maltesefalcon New commenter

    Hi Dramaismylife I would really like to see the booklet you've devised for the students. I'm teaching AS and A2 for the first time in September (new job) and have a lot to find out quickly! I'll pm you with my email address. Thank yoy :)

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