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Edexcel A Level - English Language & English Literature

Discussion in 'English' started by rlightfoot, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I'll be starting a new job in September as HoD (English), and will be the only English teacher in the school. The school uses Edexcel for A-Level, and I'm having trouble finding schemes of work for the texts the students are studying.
    For Unit 1 (AS), the class will be studying A Clockwork Orange and Brighton Rock, and I have yet to select texts for Unit 2.
    For Unit 3 (A2) the year 13 class are doing Capt. Corelli's Mandolin, Rapture, and Metaphysical Poetry; for Unit 4, I believe they will be selecting texts on the theme of the immigrant experience in the UK.
    Does anyone have any schemes of work or advice they could give me on teaching any of these texts/ the A level course in general?

    Many thanks,


  2. hi rob,
    i can send you what i have - i've taught the edexcel literature spec since 2008 - TES made me remove my (1000) resources from their website because i didn't use capital letters in the titles.
    as long as you don't mind the lack of capital letters i've got mountains of stuff you can have. personal message me an email address and i'll send you what i've got.
    we do jane eyre/wide sargasso sea, not brighton rock/clockwork orange, but i've got generic stuff you can adapt fairly easily.
    and for a2 we do duffy/metaphysicals/gatsby, again, you can adapt as necessary.
    we also do the land poems (rattle bag anthology) for a/s - have got stuff for this too
    and a/s coursework - i'm doing macbeth/faustus this year but i've also done lear/a midsummer night's dream, midsummer night/rover and have resources for all this.
    at a2 for coursework i have resources for several different texts too ... have done heart of darkness and translations (not together) which may fit with the idea of immigrants/outsiders??
    i've got schemes of work - tho we rarely keep to them. i'll let you have these.
    i've also got lots of generic stuff on approaching the assessment objectives (ie what is language, form, structure etc ... )
    in fact, i've got the complete works!!
    rsvp and i'll share it with you
  3. ... maybe send me an address so i can send you a disc - there may be too much to send via email!
  4. Hi there I noticed you have resources for the land poems from the Rattle bag anthology and I would really appreciate it if you could share those with me as I have never taught them before.

    My email is linds_pinkerton@hotmail.com

    Thanks :)
  5. Hi

    I'm teaching the IB MYP and I'm about halfway through Brighton Rock. I notice you have materials for this, and I'd be interested in seeing them.

    It's as part of a Young Love unit, so anything that focuses on that aspect would be great, though any other materials would also be welcome.


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