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Edexcel 9-1 Business 6 Mark Qs - Ask the Expert...unwilling to offer expertise...

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by kirstiehawkins2014, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. kirstiehawkins2014

    kirstiehawkins2014 New commenter


    Not sure if anyone can help me but I am really keen to be accurate when feeding back on my Y11 mocs and the 6 Mark Question and Mark scheme has me stumped.

    I asked the "Expert" at Edexcel and was accused of asking them to mark my student work! "We don't offer a marking service" was the reply.

    In summary:
    Can a student get full marks for a 6 mark question if they take any one of the 3 approaches below?

    The question is not really relevant (Though it was - Assess The benefit to Frog Bikes of using Social Media) it is more the structure of the response that I would like to check

    I am particularly interested in the last option as this is what many of my students did.

    1) One benefit explored in one way, with 5+ connectives

    One benefit of Social Media for Frog Bikes is that it will give them exposure to a very wide customer base (Valid Point)- followed up with 3 with 5+ connectives applicable to the business.

    2) One benefit developed in 2 ways

    One benefit of Social Media for Frog Bikes is that it will increase its profits (Valid Point)

    As, it gives them exposure to many new potential customers. + 2/3 connectives

    Also Social media is also a free method of promotion + 2/3 connectives

    3) One benefit critically considered

    One benefit of Social Media for Frog Bikes is that it will give them exposure to a very wide customer base + 2/3 connectives
    ….However, exposing Frog bikes to a wider audience may not always be a good thing as any negative publicity could also be shared quickly with many people…+ 2/3 connectives

    Thanks so much

  2. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    Either structure 1 or 2 are fine, but 3 doesn't answer the specific question - you need to focus on benefit or disadvantages (unless the question says 'impact' in which case either is fair game). The only difference between a 6 mark discuss and a 6 mark assess is that one is Section B, so MUST have context throughout, whereas one is Section A, so has no context (can't remember which way round off the top of my head!) In the official Pearson Edexcel facebook group (not the Tutor2u one) there's a series of film clips that cover each style of question - they're done by Colin Leith the subject advisor, so should be pretty reliable - worth checking out if you're still unsure.

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