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Edexcel 5DRO3

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Tabitha68, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Tabitha68

    Tabitha68 New commenter

    Hello all: Got my results and truly disappointed and they seem really out to me putting them next to last year's results. Has anyone ever successfully appealed edexcel and do you know if we have to resubmit the video or do they just use the one that they have? Now worried I don't know where the video is! Thanks so much, Liane
  2. Hi, there should be a copy of the DVD kept by Edexcel with all the paperwork for Unit 3
    However, I would suggest you also try to find your copy too as backup as the year I appealed the dvd had gone missing and so I provided a copy

  3. Tabitha68

    Tabitha68 New commenter

    Thanks so much. Getting lots of emails from very disappointed kids so think we are definitely appealing!
  4. Seems like a general theme running through Edexcel Unit 3 GCSE marks - not just my lot then. I'm going to send the Subject advisor an email querying what has happened with these marks this year. Nobody got higher than 13/20 in any of the four criteria for me which I think is appalling.
    I've asked my EO to get the examiner comment sheets and from that she has suggested I digest these and compare it to the DVD of the exam to see if my examiner (and team leader) had a point. SLT are not happy either and I spoke to one of my assistant heads who was there on the night of the exam who was genuinely shocked when I told him the marks and grades.
    Why mark GCSE harsher than AS Level? I really don't understand!!!
  5. We appealed unit 3 last year but there were no changes made.
    Once again this year our unit 3 marks are very low.
    Where are we going wrong? I was happier this year with the overall mark but concerned about unit 3 again.
    Need some clear guidance and how to achieve a good mark for it. Anyone able to offer some advice?
  6. Tabitha68

    Tabitha68 New commenter

    To be honest, last year we got straight A*s, and I had kids this year that were better and getting Ds. I'm not really sure what is going on. It just seems to be so subjective. That's disheartening about your experience with the appeals last year, I have yet to hear of anyone successfully appealing, but we are still going ahead with the entire unit for all students. Crossing my fingers, as very odd.
  7. It sounds as though its a general thing across the board. I've emailed the subject advisor but I'm not holding my breath. Will let you know if anything comes back.
    It would be nice if we could hear from a GCSE examiner to see if there's any specific reason WHY centres have been marked particularly low in Unit 3. The performance unit is always one I'm the most confident in. Maybe I should be teaching GCSE kids a degree course in Drama and then they'd get As and A*s???
  8. Our Unit 3 marks are absolutely awful! Very very unfair. Really, what on earth is going on here. We have two accelerated groups who last year got all A*s and As. This year's accelerated groups (although different cohort but same ability) only got Bs and Cs. They are some of our most able students. I have asked for comments sheets back and will see how far I get! Nicky - did you get a response from Subject Advisor? I might do the same.
  9. The consistency of marking really needs addressing! A grade students getting Ds for performance simply shouldn't be happening.
    When is an A grade physicist going to get a D on a paper? or an English student?. And we get to see these students 'papers' so we know if they have bombed!.
    I fear too many examiners are allowing personal taste to colour their judgement. Now I might think Julie Walters is a bit of a ham and not to my taste but I aint going to give her a C for a GCSE performance. THIS NEEDS SORTING OUT! I refuse to change boards. Its giving in!
  10. Hello
    I was told by the school EO that with drama I couldn't just choose which students I feel needed remarking and that I'd have to have the whole cohort remarked.

    Can anyone clarify if I can just select the students I feel need remarking?

    Also if the remarked grade is lower does the issued grade stay?

    I seem to have lost my mind over the worry the results have caused. I popped into work yesterday and had to call an angry parent. It's so stressful and sad for the students.
  11. That's not true. There is an appeal you can put in that covers all the students, but you can also do it individually.
  12. Thanks crunchy. So in terms of units 1 & 2 appeals how does it work if the student concerned wasn't one of randomly chosen ones by edexcel to submit coursework.

    I think I am going to be getting a few remarks. When is the deadline?
  13. Hi
    As far as I am aware, the Unit 1 and 2 remoderations can only be done based on the sample students, rather than being able to select individuals. I anyone else knows differently I'd be keen to hear. It's the Unit 3 that you can select individuals for (and that you pay for each individual - did a few last year and it was pricey, I seem to remember).
  14. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Usually around Sept 20th but check with your exams officer.
  15. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    From Chief Examiner's Report on Unit 3 about EAR:
    Marks can be reduced as well as increased so student permission is needed before requesting this service.

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