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Edexce GCSE Drama Unit 1 and 2 moderator reports

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by splatte, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Like many of the posts I have read on here, I am struggling to cope with the devastating news of the worst set of results in my department since I joined. This is doubly difficult to handle after the joy of receiving excellent AS and A2 Drama results, including 2 A*!! I am gutted by the poor marks that were given to the majority of our students for Unit 3. There were many students who were not great performers, but they deserved more than 4/20 for each section!
    To come to my point though - is it worth appealing? Is it too late? Also I see that some of you have already seen the moderators' report for Unit 1 and 2. Is there somewhere on the website that I can acces this or did you get the reports from your exams officer? That is the usual policy in my school and I was not in school for the results day as I was on holiday.
    There are many things we need to do now to change this and I am not looking forward to explaining this to our headteacher, but.....
    thank you for your time.
  2. No, not too late to appeal. Go about an appeal strategically - perhaps appeal one group's results (3/4 candidates) and see if they change. If they do, go for a complete remark of the unit. If a whole group is marked accurately, you need to address what you did and what the students did and draw lessons from it. One student from each group won't necessarily give you anything meaningful - if you consider all of the marks to be low - as you might pick a C/D borderline case that was accurately marked and someone else in the group (who you are using as a benchmark) was over/under marked (if that makes sense). Your exams officer will have the details and costs. Reports should be online - if you can't access them, get your exams officer to do it or get them to give you access to them.
  3. Thank you - that is very sound advice.
    Do you know where I can access the reports online? I looked at edexcelonline but couldn't locate where the reports for my centre would be.

    Thank you
  4. Once you have signed into edexcel online you go to the tabs on the left and one of them gives you the option to order your moderator's report. This then arrives in your Edexcel mailbox about 20 minutes or so later. You need to go back to the edexcel mailbox and check that it's there. Sometimes it can be tricky opening if your PC is blocking pop ups so make sure you have unblocked that.

  5. There's a bit of confusion here.
    You can get the Chief Examiner's Report on Unit 3 in general from the Edexcel website.
    If you want to see copies of your specific examiner's marks and comments (which are handwritten, not on computer and therefore not stored) on the students s/he examined, and the Centre Performance Conditions sheet, then you need to apply to Edexcel. You will need to pay, as you do when you ask for a marked (say) English exam paper to be returned.
    You can. of course, see the marks breakdown Unit by Unit online.
  6. Thank you everyone for that but I am meaning the moderator reports for Unit 1 and 2 that aget sent to the centre. It seems from some posts I've seen, people ahve already seen them.
    I'm going into school tomorrow anyway for some other jobs, so will see then.
    All the best to all for next year and let's hope that the up and coming year 11s don't suffer as much. I am not able to face my students and 'I am an experienced teacher of 13 years![​IMG]
  7. I've been teaching for 10 years this September and have the same feelings; I have more hope in my cohort this year......
    Go onto edexcelonline, reports, moderator reports or something like that and it appears in your inbox. I think someone's already said that but given you more details.....
    Good luck!!!!
  8. I can only see reports for units 1 and 2. I think the unit 3 notes have to be requested and paid for unless anyone has seen their notes yet?
  9. Hello all. I write as the husband of a drama teacher- I teach PE. The drama results in my wife's dept have been on between 80-90% A*-C for the last 5 years. Moderation of coursework has been no problem for longer than that. Then this year happened. A*-C has dropped to 55%. Unit 3 marks were a lot lower than expected. Unit 1 and 2 marks were significantly lowered by the board.
    Now apparently the lowering of coursework grades occurs if the selection a moderator has seen are not correct. They then apply this to all students from that centre. Is this right?! Sounds bizarre to me.
    Add to that the courses have run fine for years, the teachers haven't changed their marking style (they are the same teachers for all of the last 5 years). How come things have exploded this year.
    When I discuss it with her I am seeing it from the position of a student. Imagine if a student who has worked perfectly well, very hard- has his or her mark reduced by 20 marks in unit 1 & 2, as a result of an "across the board" deduction?!! Crazy. Could drop you 1 maybe 2 grades.
    Now I am biased, I know this. But these teachers are good, the kids talented. What the hell is going on here?
  10. I forgot to mention, this is GCSE from Edexcel.
    Need you ask though I guess...
  11. We have had an awful time of it with units 1 and 2. Marks were, on average, dropped by 20% for these. Ironically, the unit 3 results are amazingly good! Therefore we have a situation where Edexcel moderators are saying that we are too generous, whereas the external examiner is gushing A*s for their devised pieces.

    Level playing field? More like moguls...

    Good luck next year all.
  12. OK, your marks were dropped: did you get the grades you expected? If you did, you know where the grade boundaries are for the new spec and you need to adjust your marking. If they didn't get the grades you expected, going through the EAR process for one (or both of the units) might be useful to you - but it's costly.
  13. As the three units assess different things, I would have thought that situation is entirely plausible.
    I am not apologist for the exam board, but you are not comparing like with like.
  14. Chidler, please also be aware that the number of A*s awarded nationally by Edexcel for GCSE Drama is capped at the top 5% of the marks overall. And it always has been since A* was introduced (it might be a tenth of a percentage point or two lower some years).
  15. Looking at the statistics this year, across all schools doing Edexcel GCSE drama ,3.9% were awarded A*, 20.6% A*-A.

  16. Agreed in the sense that they assess slightly different aspects of the subject-duly noted.
    However the constant here (or 'like for like) is the pupils themselves. I would expect some variety in marks to make it 'plausible'; the gulf of 20-30% between scores for units is verging on inexplicable.
    The units differ, but are intrinsically linked in terms of their skills. It is not as if I am comparing quadratic equations with modern dance...
  17. dande

    dande New commenter

    Moderation of Drama is no different to that of other subjects were coursework is moderated externally. A sample is moderated - including a range of marks. If this is seen to need adjusting then the marks for the whole centre are adjusted. It is assumed that the centre have at least been consistent in their application of the marks, even if they have not been accurate.
    Problems this year are also likely as the previously high standard for A* (97%) has been lowered, whilst also ensuring that roughly the same number of students achieve A* as in previous years. A lot of centres will find their marks lowered as a result even if their grades remain the same.
  18. NO. The standard has not been lowered: only the mark needed to achieve the standard because the mark scheme has been adjusted. The standard will STILL be no more than 5% nationally.
  19. I am feeling reassured by all your comments. I too have had a successful run of results for the last three to four years and my unit 1and 2 moderator report was super. BUT, the marks for unit 3 are really low and not what I expected.
    In my 2011 cohort were some sure fire high flyers. None received an A*. My suspicions of a rather inexperienced examiner have been confirmed in these harsh marks. It took the examiner 25 minutes between performances to reappear for the next group - fortunately there were only 5 groups.Should it really take that long...?
    I shall be appealing the marks, albeit strategically, for my top 3 and will call for a remark if they are changed. Be warned though, Edexcel 'look after their own' and in their words "trust tehe judgment of our examiners".
    Thank goodness I switched to the BTEC Performing Arts course...
  20. Why do you equate thoroughness with incompetence and inexperience?
    I take 10 - 20 minutes depending on group size. Examiners are not simply putting a tick in a box - there is a lot of paperwork to do (4 comments per candidate, roughly 30 words per comment, plus comments about the centre's compliance). Some prefer to do it there and then, some would do it later at home. Being done "on the spot" could well mean the marks / comments are more valid as they are fresh in examiner's mind.
    Seriously - what do you think they are doing? Texting the board for help?


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