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Eczema sufferers - support group

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by LGR22, May 27, 2008.

  1. I used to suffer from terrible ezcema, from head to toe, very visible, it was a misery. I discovered that I was allergic to eggs, I stopped eating them and it was like a miracle cure. No more bandages, steroid creams, hiding under long sleeves and long trousers. I have never suffered with it on my scalp, but I do have alopecia, which is related.

    I sympathise with anyone who suffers this painful and debilitating condition. It saps your energy and self esteem.
  2. Eggs really? just eggs or dairy too? I was tested when I was younger but my dermatologist said it would be near impossible to test what i am allergic to (if I am) because it could be down to specifics like an e number
  3. I was once told by my GP how lucky I was as my eczema showed when I was getting stressed, so I was then able to do something about the stress. I really struggle working with clay in school as this badly affects my hands.
  4. I was also born with eczema. Used to go to bed like a mummy every night. Even today the smell of coal tar brings back childhood memories. Gradually has got better but never gone completely.

    After I had my second daughter it got a lot worse than it had for years. Both girls have it(one mild and the other very mild thank goodness)and I ended up with a really bad reaction to the oilitum(sp?)they were prescribed. I was also having a lot of trouble with my scalp and my face and neck.
    My GP sent me for tests and the specialist decided that I was not really allergic to anything of the contact substances they tested for but I was very, very sensitive to Sodium Laurel Sulphate and I should try to avoid it.
    I had no idea that SLS and it's derivatives were in so many products. It is used in soap,(even in many soap substitutes) toothpaste, shampoo and many other products even in many over the counter medications such as fast acting pain killers and decongestants.

    Since I started avoiding this I have a lot fewer flare-ups and the normal background state of my skin is much better.(This weekend was the first time in a loooong time I felt the need to cover up)

    For my scalp I have to use a really disgusting treatment called Cocois which was prescribed by my doctor. If you have to apply it daily for the first three days and then wash it out after 1 hour. It does not smell particularly pleasant and the smell seems to linger(may be because of the feeble shampoo I have to use.) but I have found it very effective. It was the only treatment my doctor could find that did not have SLS in it. It is also hard to apply and I get my husband or my mum to do it.

    Right I am off to apply my creams and then off to bed.

  5. Skyler

    Skyler New commenter

    I've just had a bout of eczema on my hands - blisters all over the palms and fingers and now it looks like my skin is falling off!

    Apparently it's stress related, but how on earth are you meant to regulate stress as a teacher? I'm in the last few weeks of my GTP course and I'm worried that if it's like this now what on earth is it going to be like when I'm really teaching??

    I've tried different creams, including aqueous (sp) but nothing is stopping the skin from dying and scaling off. Do I just have to weather it and wear cuffs to school? I look like an ageing skater...

    Any advice greatfully received.

  6. I've got that, apparently its associated with smokers. Do you have it on the soles of your feet too ?
  7. Skyler

    Skyler New commenter

    One small patch on my right foot actually, yes.

    But I don't smoke - I had to give up on Christmas Day as I was taken into hospital with an asthma attack.. Perhaps it's now coming out of my system?

    I have to say, I was less stressed when I smoked!

  8. The hot weather doesnt help either. Go to the doctors and they'll probably give you steroid cream and like a vaseline moisturiser. I put this on over night with cotton gloves. I hate mine, Im like a leper at the moment.
  9. Skyler

    Skyler New commenter

    I've got the steroid cream - hateful stuff! I just wish I could stop flaking all over the exercise books! Hence the skater cuffs. I just about get away with them, although I only wear them in lessons or they do more damage than good.

    Hope yours clears up soon - if you find something that really helps let me know, I'll do the same :)

  10. Cheers mate, you too.

    I googled the type of eczema I've got its called 'Pompholyx'. Lots of help and some interesting ones for herbal treatments
  11. Yes I think I would advise some form of barrier cream like vasline on hands and feet with cotton gloves/socks.

    I can't see how aqueaous would work really, only to wash them with. I find it can sting if just put on neat like a moisturiser.
  12. Hi PsychoSociologist
    I had eczema for over 40 years and also asthma. Everything has been tried. My 6 year old son also auffers from this. I would suggest you eliminate dairy products completely. We now use Soya milk. Also ask your doctor for Epaderm emollient. Its the only thing that keeps our skin form drying up. I use elocon on the flare up patches for myself and Protopic ointment for my son. I also put Balnuem plus in the bath water. Wet wraps are also useful. You slap on a wad of epaderm(thick enough to write figure 8 on) and then cover with cotton gloves or bandages overnight.
    I also found out this January that the 8 hour cream by Elizabeth Arden works wonders to smoothen the skin. I now won't be without it. My skin that used to be covered with thick scales has now evened out. I can wear short skirts now. Also people have stopped staring at my bad skin.
    You can send me an email admin(at)bamzadol(dot)com

    P.S. We also drink a lot of Aloe Vera
  13. PS I was once told that Vaselins is not good for eczema as it stops the skin from breathing. Epaderm is a much better option.
  14. I can't use either aqueous cream or Epiderm as they both have the dreaded Sodium Lural Sulphate(sp):-(
    I use Cetraben and elocon when i need it.
  15. Hi folks!
    I know how you feel, mine has got worse as I got older and a couple of years ago I was housebound for 6 months, it just exploded and I looked like I had 3rd degree burns from head to toe, thoroughly depressing time. I was thankfully referred to the genius that is my chinese meds practitioner who discovered that my skin probs were due to the fact that I was badly jaundiced at birth and my liver was too weak to deal with the toxins in my body, therefore had been throwing them out through my skin. I'm a fair bit better now but still a slave to Protopic ointment on my face before bed every night and on my chest and arms sometimes. Flaking is disgusting and annoys me but hey, we just have to do as much as we can to be as comfortable as possible!
  16. I too have suffered with eczema since a child (on and off). I've been teaching two years and basically not had a break from it since. Worst area is my back, right where it gets rubbed by the top of your trousers. I can't wear belts. I also have smaller patches on my legs and arms, legs i'm keeping covered at the mo, but my arms are ok to wear sleeveless tops.

    I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I was using dermovate (for my back only) but not allowed now. Been changed to cutivate, but have to be REALLY careful how much I use and how often. I also use doublebase to moisturise my skin.

    I have had several allergy tests, but to no avail and have had steroid injections in my back in the past(which did help). I went to the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik at Christmas time and that helped my skin alot. Have been using some of their products, but it's not strong enough for my back.

    I'm lucky I haven't had any on my scalp, but like another poster, I have had alopecia, which is related.

    Does anyone else feel like a complete freak sometimes? My eczema may be easily covered sometimes, but I hate it when my top rides up sometimes (when I reach for something). I usually have some pupil making a comment like ''ugh miss whats on your back?'' I'm up front and honest, and some kids are nice and say something like 'I get that'. I was really upset once when a pupil told the whole class that my husband beat me up after seeing the scars on my back.

    Does anyone else get comments from pupils?

    Hugs to you all
  17. Yeah it does make me feel freaky sometimes when it's really bad on my face, just makes me look about 20 years older than I am some days because my face is so dry and lined. Horrible condition!
  18. inq


    My daughter, 17, has severe eczema (and has had since birth) and we have recently discovered she's allergic to milk proteins - we eliminated all dairy when she was small but it made no difference but she decided to retry it again and it has made an amazing difference. Whilst out with friends she will occasionally eat something like an ice cream and within 2 hours her arms are terrible.

    Things that have helped her - icthyopaste bandages - I had to be taught to apply them and the odd 1/2 phenergan tablet (a whole one knocks her out for the following day). It helps her sleep and stops her scratching whilst she's asleep.
  19. I've asked this before on this forum, but is anyone else on here on azathioprine (an immunosuppresant) for severe eczema?
  20. Sorry favour123 I have only just seen your post.

    I use epaderm am bandages as well as protopic and dermoavate. The only 'miracle' cream for me has been protopic which was pretty amazing but has to be used sparingly.

    I will try some of the other creams that people have recommended although I can't bear to give up dairy products just yet - I was tested for this when I was younger and my dermatologist said it wasn't affecting my skin. This would have been awful as I am a vegetarian and can't bear to go vegan!

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