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Eczema sufferers... breaking the itch-scratch cycle

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by dinx67, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Having suffered with eczema on both wrists, across the bases of both thumbs and around onto the front sides of the thumbs for 10 years I have finally found something that works! I know that when I'm feeling stressed/fatigued/unwell/run down/bored/frustrated/emotional/uncomfortable (so most of the working day!) that I scratch, often I'm not even aware I'm doing until someone else tells me to stop it. There are times when it looks like I've taken a cheese-grater to my wrists and hands!
    So anyway, after a recent stressful event I was having a major flare up and scratching like mad, so much so that it was really red, inflamed, broken and sore - and it was the weekend. There is a late night Boots chemist not far from where I live so I popped in to grab some hydrocortisone cream and the lady on the counter pointed me in the direction of Boots own brand Derma Care products. I went home with their brand of hydrocortisone and something I hadn't seen before - Derma Care Eczema and Dermatitis Flare Up 0.05% w/w Cream.
    The improvement has been absolutely amazing! It really seems to have broken the itch-scratch cycle and it almost looks like there is nothing wrong with the skin on my wrists/thumbs anymore. The fronts of my hands show no evidence of the eczema at all. After two weeks I'm using the hydrocort once a day and the flare up cream morning and evening. If I remember I moisturise with doublebase gel in between but my skin doesn't seem to even be drying out and itching like it used to.
    Hopefully this will help someone else out too. Sorry for rambling on!
  2. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Thanks for this Dinx. Mrs HBF has been scratching her palms so much lately I'm beginning to wonder if she's growing hair there ...
  3. kittylion

    kittylion Established commenter

    Thanks Dinx - I have emailed the name of this product to my Mum.
  4. I hope you manage to get the same results I have! They have a range of several products for eczema/dermatitis but the flare up cream was definitely a great buy.
  5. Thanks for that, I have been suffering with my eczema terribly lately so will give that a try [​IMG]
  6. Have you tried eating a yeast free diet, I.e no bread? I had eczema for years all over my hands,arms, neck and face and had loads of different creams, some were good some weren't. A friend suggested stopping eating yeast and since then all my eczema cleared up and hasn't come back!
  7. I have tried everything going with out success. I keep asking but here goes......anyone else on here currently using immunosupressants for severe excema? Would love to hear from someone?
  8. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Probably not much use to you, but my grandmother developed really dreadful, and I mean dreadful, eczema at around 90 years of age. Because of her age she wasn't a good candidate for immunosuppressants, but the eczema was making her very ill, as she literally lost the whole top layer of her skin, andwas losing fluid all the time from the tissues underneath her skin, whilst being unable to control even her body temperature.
    As a last resort they put her on immunosuppressants, but she did not do well on them. She developed various infections, as well as vomiting and really severe diarrhoea. She had to stop them.
    Every one reacts differently though, and I am sure you are much younger than she is. It may be worth a try if you have exhausted everything else.

  9. Thanks for replying Doglover. Sorry for my late reply but haven't been on here for a while. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, sound horrendous. I don't think people think about the consequences and side effects of eczema. I have now been on immunosupressants for the last 6 years. I have found one i am comfortable with now. My eczema hasn't improved but i feel less inflammed. It would have been good to compare notes with someone else on this medication, but I suppose eczema affects us all differently anyway. Thanks for your help.

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