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Eczema Help

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckidaniel, May 31, 2011.

  1. Thanks for the ideas guys - off to town tomorrow armed with a list!!
    My Nana had suggested the oatmeal - i told her she was mad!! Will have to apologise now!! [​IMG]
  2. Yes you should, it does work!
  3. I've also found the Body Shop hemp products good for eczema - particularly if it reaches the cracked-and-bleeding stage. Will try oatmeal in the bath next time I have a flare-up!
  4. coaltown1

    coaltown1 New commenter

    I developed eczema 3 years ago on my hands and went through the usual channels - steroid creams, bandages, emulsifying ointments etc. My hands were cracked and bleeding constantly, painful to drive and paper cuts were an added bonus!!!
    The hospital eventually did a patch test and I found I was allergic to a preservative found in almost everything - shampoo, conditioners, fabric conditioners, washing up products (including dishwasher tablets etc.) wet wipes etc. etc. Since stopping all of the above my hands are almost clear!
    I'm assuming you have been diagnosed as having eczema but perhaps eliminating possible irritants may help.
  5. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

  6. Thanks for all of your help everyone - I have lots of things to try now!!
    Thanks for the advice Coaltown - I am allergic to nuts & things that appear in some foods, so this may be a channel worth investigating. Was told it was eczema when I was a teenager & have just presumed each time there has been a flare up. Its quite possible that it could be something else - the allergy to nuts etc has only started in the last couple of years. Will mention it to the doctor next time I am there!!
  7. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    I have had excema for 31 years, mainly on my hands and legs. I too am allergic to nuts and have a suspected wheat/ gluten allergy so it is worth having yourself allergy tested by your GP.
    I have been on every steriod/ cream on the market and the best thing I have found to use on a day to day basis are Aveno products. You can get them in boots and most supermarkets now. They are oatmeal based so really so sooth your skin and are natural as well.
    Putting oatmeal in an old pair of tights and running luke warm (never hot- it will dry your skin too much) in a bath works wonders- it just calms your skin ~(and is cheap).
    My skin flairs up when there is a change in weather, stress nad if I have a lot of dairy products, and at least once a year it becomes infeected. The best cream I have found for when it gets really sore is fucibet. It is prescription only but literally gets my skin from being red raw and infected to my normal old granny hands in a week. It contains a mild antibiotic (I take antibiotics with it as well for a double whammy!) but honestly really works and doesn't thin your skin like other steriod creams do.
    Other good excema products are Lush and obviously E45 but Aveno all the way! After spending my teenage years taking umpteen pills and steriods, I rely on them so much. I have a massive pump dispenser of hand cream on my desk at school, a hand cream in my bag at all times (will put that on my chops if skin feeling tight), body wash the lot! Honestly- it is bloody brilliant for keeping your skin calm!!


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