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Eco Warriors in y4!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cb52, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Am in the throws of writing an eco warrior project for my y4 class and wondered if anyone else had done anything similar? We are including saving the Rainforest and have booked a visit from the Rainforest man, DT we will customise old shirts and decorate to wear in a fashion show for parents-this will link with literacy and the explanation unit The shirt makers machine which we will use to inspire a working machine in dance. We will explore Fairtrade. Seen some brill eco art ideas on here and we have been saving plastic bottle tops to create our own art work. Any body got any other ideas?
  2. Up!!!!!
  3. It sounds fascinating! What about making your own drums and musical instruments (rice shakers etc)- maybe there could be some children playing them at the fashion show?
    Maybe you could get some publicity information from WWF or Greenpeace etc and make your own posters for a display, or maybe you could adopt a rainforest animal as a class?
    All random probably impractical ideas, but just off the top off my head!
    Let me know what else you decide to do!
  4. Thanks for that! We are looking at habitats in Science and visiting a local environmental area, pond dipping and then taking a walk through a wooded/forest area. will def write -or get children to write to WWF and greenpeace too, many thanks.
  5. I can't remember the exact web address but the Princes Trust website has lots of fab resources on the rainforest.
  6. I did a similar topiclast year.
    I based it around Stig of the dump and how he uses things from the dump to make things.
    We went on a trip to thedump and looked at waste and recycling. We then had a debate about whether we should have a recycling centre, landfill site or neither in our local town. Each child had a character who was agruing for one of these things and they had to come up with places to site the dump/recycling centre etc and then we held the debate. We then wrote to local MP with our ideas trying to persuade him that this was a good idea. He then sent our letters to local council and david cameron and we got letters back from all of them whichkids loved. We made maps of local area and Stig's dump etc as well.
    In Science we looked at the different properties of plastic and which could and couldn't be recycle and then also rocks and soils linked to which soil would be the best to line the bottom of a landfill site to stop liquid running into the surrounding soil and rivers.
    We did cave paintings linked to Stig of the dump and also collages using reused materials.
    For ICT we did a school waste survey where we wieghed the rubbish and sorted out the types of things in each classes bins and then we did a graph in excel to show results. I
    f you are an Eco school you can get someone to come in from there to do a talk. There are also other good groups around - do a search on google. We have a local centre who do free talks, workshops etc linked to waste, but will depend on your area what you have.
    For DT the kids made outfits to wear in a fashion show for their parents at the end of the term. They also made hats for homework to go with the oitfit. They came up with brilliant ideas - cereal boxes for trousers, yogurt pot skirts etc.
    For music there is a company who do an eco musical called save our planet - we used the songs from this and worked on a performance for the parents and school. Linked to perfomring as a group and also did instruments to accompany parts of it.
  7. Many thanks for that -hadnt thought about Stig of the Dump certainly many good ideas so thankyou very much!

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