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ECDL Resources for students

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ictLad, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. ictLad

    ictLad New commenter

    We are currently running the ECDL program at our school with our year 7's. Now i am confident in my teams ability to deliver the knowledge but at the moment the kids are taking their own notes, its a bit labour intensive and boring watching the poor blighters type out notes every lesson. Im on the hunt for student workbooks (or similar) - maybe some printable worksheets to stick in their folders. I have had a look at the BCS list of approved suppliers but not really had a lot of luck.
    Does anyone know of any good providers of courseware which might be useful? I know the teach-ict website has a few odds n sods but that is aimed at the version 4 syllabus.
  2. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    There have been posts that have amused me , there have been others that have angered me but this just stupifies me.
    Firstly your Y7s are doing the ECDL !
    I cannot think of any reason why students of this age should be going for this dull and essentially meaningless qualification or indeed any other - save for SMT/HOD self-aggrandisement.
    Secondly, please tell us that your are joking when you inform us that your students spend their precious IT lessons typing out notes . I thought (had hoped) that this went out with ark.
    'Poor blighters' is dead right
    Drop the ECDL and bring a bit of fun and adventure back into these students' (and their teachers') lives. There's plenty of time for dull and unispiring qualifications later in their careers.
  3. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I'd suggest getting a plank and a pot of paint. Paint the plank then let the students

    a) Watch the paint dry

    b) Watch the plank warp

    It'll be a lot more interesting than ECDL (and yes, I've taught it).

    Year 7s? All bright eyed and bushy-tailed and innocent taking ECDL? Poor little sods.
  4. ictLad

    ictLad New commenter

    Fair point people, Ill agree its fairly dull but there is a reason to it all. Firstly I wanted to bring in the Digi Creator Award, BUT due to timetabling constrictions and a serious lack of previous financial planning by my predecessor I could only afford to by equipment for two classes to use. Now the issue is that when I said that I wanted to offer the Digi Creator award to half the year group the Head asked what Id be doing with the other half.
    I initially just wanted to do something fun (my own schemes of work, animation, web design, some important core computing knowledge like understanding binary etc etc). However the Head was not keen that one half of the year group would have the opportunity to get an award but the other half wouldnt be - he was concerned that parents of pupils not getting the opportunity to gain an award would be unhappy (parent power counts for a lot in my school). So as a compromise I agreed to do the ECDL award for two years while my budget was slowly increased to cope with buying the extra equipment needed. Basically this was my only way of reaching my end goal of having all year 7's do the award.
    So before you flame the **** out of me, at least ask me why I am doing it. Like I said I agree that it is dull but it was the only way I could get to my end goal of getting all kids doing the Digi Creator award.
    So instead of throwing muck, maybe someone could actually help me with my question?

  5. Why do ANY of them need an award at all? It's KS3! KS3 should be about learning. KS4 SHOULD be about learning but is really about results and qualifications. At KS5 enough rigour starts to creep back in, but the emphasis is still much more on results than it is on learning. Make the most of their youth, enthusiasm and the lack of constraints on what you have to 'achieve'.

    Sorry if that doesn't help with your original question but the strength of feeling should be telling you something... and the trolls haven't even joined in yet.
  6. There's the obvious benefit that they'll all be qualified to be ICT teachers.There's a CD ROM that is as good and bad as any such resource that can be worked through a unit at a time. I bought a job lot at a fiver each from Aldi years ago, but it's probably more than that from other sources.
  7. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I tried doing Digital Cre8or in KS3, starting in Y7 and was mightily unimpressed by that course as well. However, to be fair, I believe the spec has changed since Sept 2008 so maybe you'll have better luck.

    You're being taken for a ride by your Headteacher though - his logic seems flawed to put it mildly.
  8. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    As a parent, I would be appalled that my child was being forced through the ECDL while half the year group were being allowed to do something they enjoyed.
    If it's such a big deal to you to put KS3 through an examined course, why couldn't you just delay until you can afford the equipment for the whole year group?
    And how impressed will your parents be if half the year group succeed in gaining a qualification, and the other half don't because they were forced to endure an unsuitable course?
  9. ictLad

    ictLad New commenter

    A fair point, but no kid was forced into anything. Letter was sent out to all parents informing them of what was happening, and why we were running two groups. Every single parent of that year group agreed to their child doing the course. Out of a year group of over 100 I had two parents ask why their child was not doing Digi Creator, and they were fine with my answers.
    I see your point about why not waiting, I should have mentioned that the Head's promise of funding came with a proviso, he pretty much said 'lets see how things go, if the Digi Creator groups work well then more money will come in your direction'. At the end of the day, if it works it works, if it doesnt then I'll learn from my mistake and wont try it again.
  10. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    I agree with some of the why do it at that age. But I would also question expensive kit. We do Creative Imedia and comic book creation using comic life costs next to nothing, video editing using movie maker (comes with the software you should already have), sound editing using Audacity (free software), 3D charachet animation using blender (free software) photo editing (using gimp free software). Why do people always go for the hard and expensive solution!!!
  11. ictLad

    ictLad New commenter

    Again, no qualms with the fact that we dont need expensive kit. But Im not kidding you that my budget for my first year as HoD was a little over 1k - with that I was supposed to buy about 120 books, a few new computers (the schools upgrade policy is toss - so if we want something halfway decent we have to buy it ourselves), licenses etc etc. From the remainder I managed to get only 4 digi cameras for the Digi Creator course.
    This is where it gets even better, because our school works with the financial year when budgeting and a year in advance, my past two budgets have actually been proposed by my predecessor, imagine my surprise when this year my budget came in at (drum roll please), six hundred pounds. Genius. That combined with an upsurge in Computing/ICT GCSE and Computing A Level meant more books/resources needed and less cash. So I agree we dont need to buy the best of everything, but being able to afford things in the first place would be nice.
    Oh and my suggestion of a work around of allowing pupils to use their mobile phones to take pics/vids went down like a lead balloon - against school policy etc etc.
  12. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Does Digital Cre8or candidate registration still only last for two years or has that changed? That could be an extra expense if the course runs throughout KS3, although it'll affect the school's exam budget rather than your department's capitation.
  13. I have taught ECDL for the past three years and I am well aware of its shortcomings as a course for pupils. However, instead of raging endlessly (and rather pointlessly) about your choice of course, I would like to offer to help. Please send me your email address and I'll send you the resources I've developed.
  14. ictLad

    ictLad New commenter

    You sir are a legend. PM'd you with my email address.
  15. Hi, I am looking at teaching the imedia unit - storytelling through a comic in September and was wondering if there were any resources available? I have started on the scheme of work and am hoping to also use comic life, as you said it's free and will be easy to use too. If you know of anywhere I could get resources or if you have any that you find works well, please let me know! Im an NQT and this is the first time I will be teaching this course.
    Thank you
  16. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

  17. A bit of a belated response but... I have delivered ECDL in FE for 10 years mostly to adults. Younger students vary, some find it boring others finish in half the time that I would expect them to take.
    There used to be some free work packs on the web but these seem to have dissapeared now. ST work books http://www.stworkbooks.co.uk/ produce some good resources. For the last five years we have used CIA training manuals and have a site license to run copies off as needed. http://www.ciatraining.co.uk/ecdl5_0.php Each subject has its own book of 100 to 150 pages, should take them about 25 hours a book. I have also taken chapters out to use as notes in other areas (e.g. how to create a query or report in Access).
    As for the value of the qualification, it is still the bench mark used in the NHS and our local council, so far from irrelevant.

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