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EBD school?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by crossing, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hi.I've applied for an admin position at a local EBD school and wondered if anyone could give me some information regarding the difficulties of the children,parents and school.
    I am used to behavioural problems by way of my severely autistic son,who exhibits self harming and violent behaviour when stressed and scared,so feel on a level I can have a small amount of awareness and be comfortable in a place where outbursts can occur (I've taken many beatings myself!).I also have an interest in child protection,have a legal background and am studying children and families with difficulties at home,so have seen many unpleasant things and backgrounds.
    So could anyone give me any information on the types of difficulties these kids have etc?It would be much appreciated and aswell as my own interest it would be benificial for the job and interview should I be invited to attend.
    Many thanks
  2. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    If it's an admin position, they are looking for someone organised, conscientious and with excellent communication skills. Same as with any other school admin job.
    While it helps not to be 'fazed' by the variety you might come across, that's no different to many mainstream schools too. You will need a professional attitude and the ability to avoid stereotyping children and carers who are experiencing difficulties, but the main things you need to demonstrate is that you can do your job - an admin job- well.
    I wouldn't talk about being beaten or experiencing difficulties yourself. None of that is relevant to a job like this.
  3. thanks.

    I just wanted a bit of understanding of the school for personal interest mainly and they have said they'd prefer somebody who has an understanding of EBD pupils and parents/carers needs etc.

    It would just be nice to know a bit about this type of school.

    Thanks for your reply
  4. I'd also like to add that I do not appreciate the tone of constantly saying 'it's just an admin job'.Firstly,I'm a lawyer but have chosen to do something different and refuse to be looked down on for looking for admin work.Secondly,where I come from it's always good to have an interest in the job you are going to be doing and the organisation and ethics.
  5. mermaid

    mermaid New commenter

    Hi crossing,
    Good for you for standing up for yourself. However Giraffe is a lovely poster and I'm sure she didn't mean her reply to come across in the way that you took it. Remember it is the end of term and most of us are on our knees.
    I work in an EBD primary and our secretary is a very involved member of our team. She actually does require a quite detailed knowledge of the children and families' needs and circumstances. She's around the children every day and needs to understand them and how to deal with them because they come to the office regularly on errands and will be outside in her corridor if they have been 'bounced'.
    She is also the one that picks up the phone. She takes messages from parents, referal schools and the multitude of professionals that we deal with on a daily basis. That means she has to have a good idea of all the terminolgy or she'd never know what anyone was asking for! She also has to know about the parents so she knows which calls to put straight through to the Head (because we never manage to contact that parent etc) or which to handle with care because they are volatile/ hostile etc.
    The secretary also often collates and sumarises paperwork on the children and writes Teachers' paperwork up for them if they've done it by hand (she is a saint). So she gets a really thorough overview of all the children whether she likes it or not!
    It's impossible to generalise about what the individual school will be handling as it depends on the county and the school's particular admissions criteria. We have EBD children where the main cause is family breakdown- substance abuse/ poor maternal mental health etc. We also have a host of other lables ASD/ ADHD/ FAS/ ODD/ CU- and many of the children have a heady cocktail of lables- but in all cases unpredictable behaviour is a major symptom for that child so they have ended up with us.
    I can't really offer any useful advice for the interview other than to say you will definitely be a key part of the schools 'multi-professional' approach (because of the phone thing!) so stress how brilliant you are at this!!
    Good luck- good EBD schools are great places to work!
  6. Thanks Mermaid.

    Given what you've said I think I can safely say I have a knowledge of sorts of the issues affecting the pupils and parents.

    Just waiting to see if I am invited to interview now,called on friday to be told they are sifting through hundreds of applications and letters will be sent out that afternoon.Nothing today so fingers crossed for tomorrow!!!
    I get quite frustrated applying for this type of position as I'm not used to application forms (always been CVs) and I've been turned down for others due to apparently being over qualified -something I don't think should matter.I really want this job so I hope I at least get an interview!

    Thanks again
  7. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    At no point did I say 'just' in relation to an admin job.

    Your second post in reply to mine showed that you had had a change of attitude to what I had written. Please note the words I used, not your later impression.

    Your experience of having a child with Special Needs will be useful in terms of knowing procedures and professionals. It will also allow you to appreciate some of the emotional issues experienced by parents.
    It stands though, that the main attribute you will need is your skill in administrative and organisational matters. There will be a mountain of paperwork (and teachers like me who are averse to such and who have to be chased up for documents) and deadlines to meet. That is the essential part. Qualifications in law and experience of violence aren't.

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