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Eating during free periods

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by zara123, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hi Zara
    That seems an absolutely ridiculous stance for your boss to take. You are an adult and eating in an area out of bounds to children so should be able to do what you like (within reason!) I mean, if you were knocking back the gin (and that would be understandable at this stage of the term!) then he would have a reason to complain but crisps.....? If you follow his argument to its natural conclusion then all rules which apply to children apply equally to staff. You'll be in school uniform next and putting your hand up to ask them questions. Do staff have no privileges? The man's an idiot.
  2. M1
    What a dotty rule!
    If I didn't eat in my non-contacts, I'd not eat all day. SLT know this, and don't really mind who eats when.

  3. Your boss sounds like a complete c*ck and you're lucky not to be staying there for much longer. Our HT regularly brings in cakes, fruit, snacks and can't pass enough round - if it's a free period then you should be able to do crunch crisps as loudly as you like!!!!
  4. not even worth the time discussing this one! how ridiculous!
    if you were not snacking in front of the kids then you are not breaking any rules or setting them a bad example!

    as for slating you in front of others...inexcusable full stop.
  5. I'd ask your boss to raise the complaint formally. If they are stupid enough to do this then take it up with your union. How utterly ridiculous. We do have a right to eat!
  6. I'm sorry to say that your boss isn't very professional to speak to you that way in front of colleagues - we wouldn't even talk to students that way in our school. Your boss should have a had quiet word with you in private if it was really bothering him/her about the fact that you were eating in your free time. It's really petty and I would have done the same but made sure my boss knew what I was doing (just to cover my back) And call me stupid but aren't staffrooms for eating in anyway? At least you wasn't munching away in a classromm and I've seen that before! Sounds like a jobsworth to me!
  7. I had to read this because I couldn't quite believe that it had been posted and was not a wind up. Get out of there! Find one of the many places to work where you will be treated with respect, your contribution will be valued and there are no silly rules about when you can eat in you own Staff area.Good Luck!
  8. that should read classroom!
  9. We don't have a staffroom as such, just a work room in each area (in which we're not allowed to eat) and a staff 'quiet room' (where we're also not allowed to eat)
    The only place we're allowed to eat is in the 'restaurant', along with the students.
    However, I'd say that in your situation the most concerning thing is your boss having a go in front of other people rather than just having a quiet word about what he felt was a problem.

  10. did you explain about the detention you were about to take? I know it's often very hard to stand up for yourself to a boss but honestly you need to do it and you'll see it gets easier because they back off when they know what you're made off. Personally, I would have taken them aside and told them politely(ish) that I didn't appreciate being told off in front of colleagues and I didn't expect it to happen again and that I also didn't like being treated like a child. I've had bully bosses that I wish i'd stood up to and I've had a bully boss that I DID stand up to EVERY time she was out of order and she soon changed her tune.
    Good luck in developing these skills because it took me years
  11. I wish our head would cancel meetings and tell staff to tidy their rooms! I have to do ppa cover work in a room that is an absolute disgrace. Impossible to set out resources due to the mess and clutter on every surface and table and i'm ashamed everytime someone comes into the room. Spent hours of my own time trying to put things straight but its just twice as bad by the next time i come in.
  12. Never heard any rubbish like that. Sounds like any reason to have a go at you. Has it happened before?
  13. When I started teaching %&£ years ago, I was told the Staff Room was for the staff and the HT had to ask or be invited to come in. It was suppoosed to be the one room where you could unwind!
  14. 100% agree with all the comments above. This person needs to get a life or have more to do round school. There are times when the 30 mins we get for lunch just aren't enough so I've been known to eat my lunch either after school is over or, horror of horrors, eat part of it in front of an afternoon class. A teacher grabbing a bite to eat is preferable to one keeling over from low blood sugar levels!!

    As for the telling off, that's just some little person attempting to pick on the one member of staff he/she sees as being the most vulnerable - now what's that called again? oh yes, bullying!!
  15. you assume that the "boss" is a man
  16. hmmm... don't join the teaching profession & expect to be treated like an adult...
    that guy seriously needs to get his priorities sorted, how about tackling the kids & their poor behaviour rather than picking on an easy target?
    I would have really had to bite my tongue if I'd been his victim!!
  17. What a joke. Here in Oz our prep time is called DOTT (duties other than teaching) and we use it as a chance to make a coffee, have a snack, do lesson prep etc. What does your teachers union say about this. It might be worth chasing up with them.
  18. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    I would agree that this sounds ridiculously anal and unreasonable. Teachers are permitted to do many things that students are not, just as your Head is presumably allowed to do things that you are not.
    I would love to tell such a Head to piss off, but I would probably comfort myself with a rendition of "Are you alright? Are you having a bad day", that sounds sounds sincere but really means, "Are you normally this much of a berk or are you having such a pisser of a day that it's making you this ridiculously unreasonable?".
  19. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

    Does your boss extend his prohibitions to urinating outside of stipulated times, in that pupils, presumably, are encouraged not to relieve themselves during non-break times?
    You might enquire which particular bodily functions are subject to his edicts, but perhaps more importantly, what the penalties are for contravention.And who, exactly, would enforce them?
    I am tempted to suggest that you organise a crisp eating competition in the staffroom at non-break times, with the prize ( of a packet of salt and vinegar crisps of course ) for the person who can eat most noisily.
    Alternatively, you could politely request that your boss takes your packet of crisps and, in the immortal words of Withnail, stuffs them up his a**s and fu*ks off while he's doing it.
  20. I remember working in a college where the SMT didn't like white trousers. She issued an email one day telling us that they were banned- despite having the most revealing tops ever!
    The next day every female member in the staffroom turned up wearing- white trousers.
    Sometimes, you have to all stick together when power hungry heads get on one!


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