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Easyjet online check-in help

Discussion in 'Personal' started by suz3, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. I've never checked in online before, but think I might have done so accidentally this time while updating passport details.

    When I check my reservation, there are two orange buttons - one to check flight status and one says boarding card.

    That means I've checked in doesn't it? So I now must print the boarding card? There is no way to undo it? I assume that if I don't print I will either be denied boarding or charged a fortune.
    Then when I go to the airport instead of joining the normal queue I join the baggage drop-off queue? I have one suitcase.
    Thank you :)
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

  3. Thank you, I am going to browse those pages to see what I can find.
    Unless I can get a definitive NO YOU HAVE NOT YET CHECKED IN then I will just have to go ahead and do it, I couldn't cope with the stress of not knowing what might go wrong when I get to the aiport .....
  4. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    I know how you feel, I recently posted on here regarding on-line check in with Ryanair and it is such a worry that you have done everything correctly! Worse than writing and checking reports!
    Hope everything goes well for you!
  5. I just flew with them from Gatwick 2 weeks ago. By printing my boarding card, it meant I had checked in online. You go to a separate (and MUCH smaller) queue in the airport to drop off your luggage and have your passport scanned etc, so it's basically the same as what you would normally do at the airport, except you've eliminated part of the process.
  6. Thanks, I think I'll take the plunge and print the boarding cards. One more new experience .
  7. Tel or email Easyjet. They were very helpful when we had a query about carhire after they had changed our return airport. Then they sent an email to check how well their answer service had been.
    But you've nothing to loose by printing off the boarding pass.
  8. Thanks again to all for your reassuraces
    So before I take the plunge and print the pass, everything else is the same? I turn up at the airport with max 20kg suitcase in one hand, handbaggage in the other, and present myself at the baggage desk with the printed pass & passport?

    (I think I have this fear in my head because online check-in was originally for hand baggage only, wasn't it?)

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