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Easy quick meals or husband will be divourced

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Rayfin, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I thought about suggesting that you start cooking for one! If he wants to eat he'll learn....but then he again he'll probably just pick up the phone and order pizza!
    Sooooooo....how about a reward system/ Teach him just how much fun cooking can be?! Start simple - hummus - nice and easy. If he does it right, then you feed each other ...lots of messy finger-licking. Now you suggest that while that was fun - maybe you could have even more fun if he made something like, say ....chocolate mouuse!!!! Promise him that if he makes a simple two-course meal (say the bagged chicken/fish or an edible spag bol!) including something moussy for dessert then you will both retire to the bedroom and take the mousse with you!(Might help if a parent can take any children for the night/afternoon).....Maybe you could agree that the next meal he cooks you will turn up at the dinner table naked except for a pair of stiockings and high heels!.....I'm guessing he might just start to find cooking is actually not that difficult!
  2. Beth! You devil!
    Why on earth didn't I try that when I still had the figure for stockings and high heels.......
  3. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    my o/h swears blind that if you can read, you can cook ...... he does both, but has taught himself the latter in the last few years.
  4. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i love the title of this thread. and BETHANNIE! [​IMG]
    can you do some cheat things, with ready made sauces and things? small steps... then get him interested in how the sauce is done?
    one of my easy faves is (serves 1):
    tinned boneless sardines. drain, put in dish, cover with fresh lemon juice. cover with foil. tinned new pots - drain, put in baking tray, cover with oil and LOTS of dried italian herbs. put both in oven for 20 mins at 200. in meantime, do some frozen peas or side salad to go with it.
    until i got my slow cooker, that was the easiest thing i knew how to do. :D

  5. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    Beth, you little minx! Never knew you had it in you! [​IMG]
    Don't give up - could you be in the kitchen with him the next time he cooks? Not standing over his shoulder barking orders at him but there as someone to ask if he's unsure or if you smell something burning to gently point it out to him. If he is anything like my husband, he won't ask for help too easily but if you do point out that he isn't quite doing something right, he might say "Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought."
  6. lol! this thread is funny! on a serious note though, try some student cookbooks before delia and co. they are very simple, relatively cheap, and often include ingredient measurements for just one or two people. if he does make cooking disasters at least you wont be wasting too much money by throwing it straight in the bin. oh and the good food 101 books are very good too :) good luck!
  7. High heels and stockings mmmmmm if only!
    My body had betrayed me after our second son was born ;(
    Have persuaded him to try again this Sunday, he's a teacher too. Have tried to stand with him but he always ends up saying u show me and I will watch- then he conviently forgets it all.
    I think he did it in purpose - how could it go so wrong?!
    He's utterly lazy. He comes home and turns into a stripper shirt flying in one direction tie another one show here one there trousers somewhere on the floor and a almost naked husband slouched infront of the tv with the remote control in his hand (doesn't matter if the intention or desire to change the channel will arise in the next couple of hours or not it will stay in his hand). And he's only 29!!!
    I blame his mum she did everything for him picked up after him omg she looked disgusted when I said last week to her I expected him to cook!!!!!
    Hes promised I three course meal lol. As for not letting him out to get a takeaway I was too hungry to argue against it had just quickly fed my three year old and put the 10 month to bed.
    Will keep u informed and thankyou all for your support and lovely suggestions Mwah xxx
  8. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    Rayfin, it sounds like our husband's are pretty similar!
    Then get him a notebook and make him take notes - if he wants to make it difficult, then you can make it just as difficult back!
    Yep, yep and yep! I'm slowly getting Mr EG trained but it is a long process. Don't lose faith - I have friends who tell me it can be done!
  9. I really really hope he starts to learn. It's past funny sometimes all I want is for him to come home and cook something quick and easy that isn't floating in grease and tastes half decent. Am going back to work soon so can imagine my day would start early getting kids ready and then dropping to nursery, then dramas at work (new head has got rid of 13 teaching staff members since sept out of 26!), then running out of Sch to pick them up. Rally really don't want to send an hour or two in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning and then putting then to bed!!!!!

    Sorry for rant ;( he's frustrating

    Hes gone to the nec for the gadget show shame there wasn't any cooking gadgets for men!!!
  10. Ps- my spelling on this is awful its the iPhone!!!!! Honestly I can spell xx
  11. I think because we have young children it is harder and he is very lazy in all areas -looking after kids, cleaning etc.
    Our I should really say my major issue is when I go back he is going to be the same and carry on living like this (leaving everything to me).
    I have tried to get him to do the other jobs loading and unloading the dishwasher, tidying up, giving kids a bath and putting them to bed but it only happens after a lot of nagging!!! Sometimes he only did it once a week.
    I think I'm slowly realising he's just inconsiderate of me and my feelings hence may ask him to leave - he's just another child to look after.
    He has til Sunday and he knows it had a huge discussion with him last night about how had enough of his attitude towards me and his responsibility towards the kids.
    By the way thankyou for all your advice and suggestions will hopefully re discover the man I fell in love with
  12. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    Best of luck, Rayfin, however it turns out. x [​IMG]
  13. Does it really matter if he cannot cook?
    You sound quite frazzled - why not let him do something else? Take the kids off your hands, do some other housework, let you have a half hour to wind down?
    Do remember - we Mums tend to forget - that your OH has also worked all day and comes home frazzled. Some of us Mums have no man to do anything for us - get your kids learning early (even little ones can help!).
    I don't think it is worth the battle with the cooking - get him to take some other work off your hands.
  14. Missed your post above - don't be too drastic yet. Your children are still very young. I know it is not much consolation at the moment, but you may find that things get easier as the kids get older. My ex was pretty much useless when the kids were tots (he did cook though, and he can cook well) - no nappy changing, no bathing, no ironing, no hoovering, no shopping. Nothing much really.
    He was, however, working full-time, and I was at home.
    As the kids got older, he felt more at ease doing things with them - they could speak for a start ;o)
    He is quite domesticated now - I trained him well. But I never nagged. I just stayed patient (how the hell I did, I don't know). Some day, some nice lady will thank me ;o)

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