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Easter SATS revision

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NQT2004, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. ...I know people have posted about this in previous years but I am after a little advice... I am considering running a few extra classes in the Easter holidays to prepare for Sats.
    This goes against my beliefs but this year the way our holidays fall - and all those extra bank holidays means that the two weeks teaching time before the Sats tests consists of a 2 day week then a 3 day week.
    This worries me!
    I know lots of people are anti holiday lessons and I totally understand the reasons why. My question is has anyone found that they are useful and do ensure that children make progress? or does it just make the teacher feel better for trying everything possible to raise levels.
    What to do?
  2. Just a suggestion for the KS2 English. You could read the post Every Child a Level 5 English in 2011 which offers a free CD (no strings attached) ALso if you are interested in allocating homework, go to http://www.schoolwork.bz and use the entrycode ure132ty The exercises there, particulary the Dictation exercises are excellent for homework.

    Hope this helps.
    Eddie Carron

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