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Easter resignation date whilst of sick and with no job to go to

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by dixie64, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. dixie64

    dixie64 New commenter

    I'm about to print my resignation letter but don't know what date to put. The last date of the Easter holidays is Friday 8th April and that was the date I was going to put. However as I'm currently of sick and do not have a job to go to should my date be 29th April (as per the burgundy book). It feels wrong but financially it will make a real difference allowing me to recover fully before deciding what to do next. My anxious self just wants it over with, my more rational old self feels I should take as much time as I can. Opinions welcome.
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Stick with the Burgundy Book. If the school kicks up you can negotiate (with union person at your side).
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  3. scienceteachasghost

    scienceteachasghost Lead commenter

    As per post 2.

    PS - I hope your username is not similar to part of the name of a UK school - otherwise you are potentially identifiable with 64 implying your age or your birth year!
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I am extremely sad that you are in this situation. I hope that you are following all the advice from your GP.

    And your union if necessary.

    30th April, not 29th.

    So in your letter you resign for 30th April. If you are still unwell and cannot attend school, don't include the bit in the draft letter below about last day of attendance.

    Letter: resigning a teaching job

    Best wishes for a rapid recovery of your health.

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  5. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Check with CAB about benefits. I'm sure that if you resign you can't claim for a certain length of time and there are rules about assets that might impact on what you can receive. You need to consider the big picture of recovery if you find in April you have no income at all coming in.
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  6. dixie64

    dixie64 New commenter

    Thanks for the advice, I'm hoping by the end of April I will be recovered enough to take on some supply work to help me decide if I want to continue teaching. If all else fails I will try something (anything) else. So anxious about the meeting today :-( at the moment all the headway I've made feels like it is collapsing around me just wish I could hand my resignation and concentrate on getting completely well.
  7. poltergeist

    poltergeist New commenter

    How long have you been off sick? I have been in your situation and came very close to resigning; was persuaded to take more time to recover, without making significant decisions. Very glad I did so, eventually was well enough to consider going back and to see what the real issues were. Union helped a lot and was able to negotiate a return process that worked for me. Once back at work and managing to cope I started applying elsewhere and was able to move on to a new role in a different school. I hope you start to feel better soon; I know going back to work right now probably seems impossible. But don't rush into anything, give yourself time if possible and look after yourself properly.
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  8. dixie64

    dixie64 New commenter

    So I did it - sent in my resignation letter last week and whilst I'm nervous about the future in my heart I know it was the right thing to do. I went with 30th April. Have received a very nice reply from the school which made me feel better and they accepted the date without any problem. I am relieved that I will have the next few weeks to fully recover and rest before trying supply to see if I still want to teach. My mind is open to all sorts of opportunities. Que sera sera. Thanks for all the advice and support this forum is a real lifeline.
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  9. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Excellent news, @dixie64 , I am very pleased for you.

    When you have relaxed and come to a decision, and if you then need a bit of advice on applying for another job in a school, come down to the Jobseekers Forum (scroll down the forum list) and I'll give you all the help that I can.

    Best wishes for a complete recovery and a great re-start

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