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Easter readings and poems suitable for Primary

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hadenuf, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Have got to organise the 'Easter service'. Does anyone have any good poems or readings that they have used which tell the traditional Easter story??
  2. Am getting desperate! Can anyone help?
  3. up!

    me too. Would love some ideas.
  4. Still no suggestions???
  5. There's a great assembly you can do for Harvest where you jumble to words up to make others and use this to make a reading.
    We discovered the other day over lunch that you can do something similar with Easter
    rest, ease, star, stare, tears, east, sat etc it's a bit tenuous but the kids can make large letters and then put themselves in the right order to spell the words.
    Last year the kids made a huge picture of the easter story each kid had an A3 sheet, we did it like a jigsaw, as someone read out the story the relevant pic went up on the display board, by the end the whole picture was revealed.
    I have to say I'm struggling to find inspiration this year!
  6. sleepycat

    sleepycat New commenter

    Get Easter Praise from redhead music - comes with a great script

    or google assemblie and find 'school assemblies sfor busy teachers' - loads of assembly scripts
  7. Smythie

    Smythie New commenter

    Have an easter assembly that my year 3 class presented - holding candles and all wore black. - took about half an hour. Very effective and was told was best one I had done in 4 years. Leave me your email address and will send it later today. Out for lunch etc so will be this evening.
  8. Smythie

    Smythie New commenter

    Hadenuf and fluffy you both have mail.
  9. Thanks Smythie and Emmabarker for your ideas. Greatly appreciated.
  10. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    Smythie: as a matter of interest, why black for an Easter assembly? I would have thought white would be a more appropriate colour!
  11. mondayblues

    mondayblues New commenter

    Children presenting assembly were dressed in black. 14 children holding candles. No other lights on in hall. One by one the candles were quenched - after each station of the cross. At the end of stations - all total darkness representing darkness of Good Friday. Then One lone - larger candle lit - representing Easter Sunday and resurrection. All to do with effect.
  12. Hi I am struggling with easter assembly ideas for year 3 could anyone help or could I please have a copy of the candle one.
  13. Any chance i could have a copy of any easter scripts please. I have to do it next week and am off poorly at the moment (joys of pregnancy) so all help appreciated
  14. 'The Works 6' edited by Pie Corbett has poems for times of the year. there are 4 Easter poems. the book is a selection of poems for assemblies.
  15. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    Hi - realise its an old thread, but if there's any chance of getting that easter assembly emailed - would be most grateful!
  16. There are some really vomit-worthy ones here!


    Easter Comes But Once a Year
    Easter comes but once a year
    But when it does, we all know its here
    Children filling themselves with chocolate

    Dad's down the pub for a pint of beer!

    We go to the church for the wine and bread
    Dad's half asleep, and jerking his head
    Baby sister is here too, munching away
    On the free Easter egg that the Priest gave us today

    But remember we must, that the Lord died for us
    And ascended into heaven to give us fresh lives
    For each and every one of us
  17. There is a great poem called Who killed the king? Which has a judge asking people to justify their actions during the time of the crucifixion.
  18. Have you got a link to this poem - I have tried googling it, but no luck.
    Thanks a lot

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