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Easter holiday reading

Discussion in 'Book club' started by gorgybaby, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. I am really trying to declutter but struggling with my desire to treat myself to a Kindle, thus accepting that I will never read the hundreds of books that are waiting for me in my overfilled bookcases. I have a number of Tess Gerritsons wating, but if I do get a Kindle I think my first book will be the new Nicci French. I also have a book mentioned by Nutelle, The Faces of Angels, by Lucretia Grindle (I think), which is high on my list. I rarely buy books, I just don't need to, but I fancied this one.
  2. I've got rather a large reading pile, including two cookery books:
    The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days (not an ideal choice when it's Lent!)
    The Skinny French Kitchen - Harry Eastwood
    Akenfield - Ronald Blythe
    Inheritance - Phyllis Bentley
    Chances - Freya North
    A Taste of my Life - Raymond Blanc
    and The Great Gatsby to re-read to refresh my memory.
  3. We're off to Spain on Friday and am looking forward to going to buy some books to read while there. Holiday books inevitably get messed up with olive oil, sun cream and sand, so paperbacks only.
    How do people manage these things with Kindles?
  4. impis

    impis New commenter

    I'm half way through a book called 'Dragon Stones' on my Kindle - and a thoroughly good read it is too [so far]. Not bad for a freebie!!
    I'd [wrongly] assumed that all the free books on Amazon would be short stories, but I was wrong - and I have loads of fab books ready and waiting to be read on my hols. The kindle is fab in that it can hold so many books, yet weigh less than one real one.
    I've already read a load of books on it - something I don't usually do during term time.
  5. I love my Kindle - I got a cover for it to protect it from damage! But I can't resist 'real' books too. I finished The Night Watch by Sarah Waters yesterday and LOVED it! I'm starting Grace Williams Says it Loud today I think. I'm hoping the change in the weather won't stop me doing lots of reading this holiday.
  6. I have just finished "the House of Lanyon" by Valerie Arnand because I knew all the places in the book. About a family's trials and tribulation in the 14thC. Easy read.
    I'm now reading Margaret Atwood's "Handmaidens Tale". I don't know how I have missed this book before now? I thought it might be difficult to get into but not having any problems. Set in the future when the world has become so polluted only the few can procreate..
    I'm going to make another attempt at the "Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafron, set in Barcelona in 1945.
    And for dipping into, "The Time Travellors Guide to the Medieval England"
    Just finished "the Knight Templar" trilogies by Jan Guillou so I think its time for a change to something completly different.!
  7. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    I have just finished Lord of the Rings (all three) and am about to start Jane Eyre.

    (Working my way through the BBC's 100 to read before you die list)
  8. Reading The Great Gatsby is not child?s play. I had been trying to read it for a long time, but I never got past page 50 till I looked for a summary online. Reading a summary for some is a cardinal sin but it gives me a sense of expectation and helps me understand the book better. So, if you?re looking to read something good this holiday season and want a great summary to wet the taste buds of your mind and make you want to ravenously finish a book, I recommend Shmoop.com. Now I?m going to write a paper on The Great Gatsby and then move on to the other books in my syllabus.
  9. I read three books while away on holiday - two of them on the Kindle. I have now started 'The Camomile Lawn' which I read years ago, but I recently Sky plussed it on TV only to discover that I had taped it all but the 1st episode and so decided to reread before viewing the rest of it. I bought a second hand copy to do so.
  10. Love Mary WEsley but I think she may have been a casualty of my decluttering, at least the duplicates certainly were. I lied about what I would read, I have read Queen Mum, by Kate Long, WHat's a Ghoul to do? Victoria Laurie. Am currently on Girl from the South by Joanna Trollope and The Second Mrs de Winter, by Susan Hill. Now I want to read Rebecca. Again. All of my Du Maurier's survived the Chop. Still no Kindle.
  11. I'm finishing 'The Woodlanders' by Hardy and 'Those Bones Are Not My Child' by Toni Cancade. I have 'Sister' on audiobook but not been impressed - 'The Great Gatsby' will be my next download from audible.com. Also reading my way through Dianna Wynne Jones for my MA in Children's Lit - not overwhelmed, I have to say...
  12. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    I am half way through Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. It's a lovely book. Good, relaxing holiday reading.
  13. That one's on my shelf, Suz. Maybe it needs to stay there.
  14. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    Me too!! How are you getting on? xxx
  15. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    Really slllllooooooowwwwwllly. But I will get there :)
    How about you doing?
  16. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I've got 11 to read!! Guards! Guards!, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist, Ulysses, Cold Comfort Farm, Magician, On the Road, The Godfather, The Colour of Magic, Katherine, Love in the Time of Cholera and The Princess Diaries! The librarians at my local library think I'm hilarious because I whip out my list and ask them if they've got the next book! They have had to start ordering them in for me!! The trouble is I have also joined a Book Club so I have their books to read! Then of course people recommend books, there's Book Clubs on the TV and radio - I have lists of books to read everywhere!!! There just aren't enough hours in the day for reading! xxx
  17. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    Wow! That's amazing...i think I have read about 11 lol :)

  18. I've just finished 'Chances' by Freya North, I read it in 2 days in the sunshine. I really did enjoy it, just what I needed for the holidays! I'm not sure what to read next, nothing too sombre.
  19. Hi Mammal, you can get all episodes of the Camomile Lawn on channel 4 OD online if you want to see the first episode.
  20. I've enjoyed re-reading The Great Gatsby this holiday. Still haven't started Akenfield or Inheritance as I'm wading my way through Kiss and Tell by Fiona Walker - ok to pass the time with in the sun, but bit wishy-washy.

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