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Easter assembly ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by chonchin, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Hi there, I'm a GTP and I've been tasked with delivering a KS2 assembly before the Easter break. I'd like to relate it to Easter, but not directly because I think there will be a whole school assembly covering the topic beforehand. Any ideas for relating Easter with SEAL topics? Anything would be much appreciated.


  2. Hello chonchin
    We have lots of Easter themed resources to download that might be useful. Just click on the link below:
    Easter resources
  3. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    I tell the kids a nice story I heard once, which might be true. It's about a headteacher who worked in a school in the middle of a big city. He was popular and, when he retired, the kids were sorry to see him go. At the start of the next academic year he sent the school a present - it looked like a sack of onions and the kids didn't understand why he could have sent them such a thing. There was also a note to bury the present in the earth all around the school; on the edge of the playground, down the sides of the path, etc. The kids did this, but then forgot all about it. They felt a bit disappointed that they didn't have anything to remember their headteacher by.
    In the spring term the school was transformed as spring flowers bloomed all over the grounds and the kids remembered their old headteacher and everything he had done to make their school a good place to be.
    I like this for Easter - it's got loss (but not death), new life, having faith, etc. When I did this with my school a few of years ago we bought a great big sack of bulbs and every child took one to plant, either at school or at home. When they come up every spring someone always comes and tells me the story. Bless.

  4. check out this site for suggestions - the plastic egg can be adapted for school or class and can give each child something to take home too.
  5. That link doesn't work for me.
  6. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    I have the book The Three Trees which is a nice way to link Christmas and Easter together. Very useful for an Easter related assembly.

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