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EarthEcho Expeditions: What's the Catch? Teacher PD for Secondary Teachers in England

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by EarthEcho, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. EarthEcho

    EarthEcho New commenter

    My name is Jaclyn and I am the Expeditions Manager for EarthEcho International. We are non-profit, founded by Philippe Cousteau, Jr., the grandson of Jacques Cousteau. We are traveling to England in August this year to provide secondary science teachers from the UK a week-long (expenses paid, and stipend) professional development opportunity called EarthEcho Expeditions: What's the Catch?

    EarthEcho Expeditions is an annual program that leverages the rich Cousteau legacy of exploration and discovery to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education alive for today’s 21st-century learners and their educators. Expeditions are grounded in current real-world issues that combine adventure, exploration, and engaging instruction to provide students with the tools they need to address today’s increasingly complex and changing environment, starting in their own communities. Apply below to be eligible for inclusion in our 2019 Expedition in Plymouth, England occurring August 27-31st, 2019.

    If you are a secondary teacher please apply today! Deadline is April 30th, 2019.



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