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Earth and Space intro

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by jenwah85, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. jenwah85

    jenwah85 New commenter

    Good morning!
    I haven't posted on here before but thought it would be a good place to come for some inspiration for an observation. I am introducing the topic 7L - Earth and space to a Y7 class I have only met 3 times so far and it is an observation lesson drop in of 20 mins at any point in the lesson.
    Because I am unsure about the class, I was thinking I could start with something to elicit some knowledge and then do a circus of tasks to differentiate their learning based on their answers to the starter questionnaire.

    E.g. if they got Q1 wrong (matching up what is Earth, planet, star or galaxy as an example) then go to station 1 which will allow them to explore and find out about that.

    Has anyone tried anything like this before with success? I am not very good with innovation, the kids are well behaved, but I am struggling with ideas of how to execute something like this so was looking for some inspiration if anyone can offer any?

    All help greatly appreciated,


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