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Early Years

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by yramm, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Help! I have Performance Management Observation next week with Reception Class. Any excting ideas to encourage writing at the end of term ?!?!
  2. invitations, shopping lists, menus, lists for end of term party - can't wait!!

  3. Observations in the last week? That's rubbish!!! [​IMG]
    I think the previous poster had good ideas. Another would be to do something completely off the wall and out of the ordinary. How about a message in a bottle from a pirate. The children could write applications to be a pirate on his ship. They could think about what jobs pirates need doing and what they would be good at, then write to the captain of the ship, put the message in a bottle and send it. You'd certainly get the tick for awe and wonder!
  4. advice for next children. Make a card, the children think of some advice they would like to give the new children and write it inside and draw a picture on the front. Ideas my kids had this week were
    Don't put too much food colour in the playdough or it will make your hands go green.
    Play in the gloop,it's really fun.
    Hide in the tyre so no one can see you.
    Try all the fruit because you might like it. I did

    The kids were really engaged, even the less able could think of something and making a card made them quite independent.
  5. Really like this idea for transition!

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