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Early years teacher moving into Key stage 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Charlie341, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I'm a trained Early years teacher and have never had any experience of Key stage 2, however I am teaching Year 3 for the first time this year. Could anyone offer me any advice or useful links/planning formats as I feel I'm being thrown in at the deep end! I'm doing a 1 week topic on stained glass windows in churches. Then I'm moving onto poetry featuring the hare and the tortoise and focusing my art teaching around drawing animals. If anyone could respond with some useful information that would be great!!!
  2. Maths: You can get objectives and examples of level of questions from the old framework. You could use documents like moving level 2-3 and securing level 3. There is also the pitch and expectations document that might help. You can get these and other things that will help with your maths teaching at www.ness.uk.com The myths and legends website is really good as well - you can listen to the stories online (in a book format) and children can make their own online story with pictures and text - lovely for KS2. Can't remember the address but it's in the ness site links page.
  3. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    Can I join this club please? Moving from YR/1/2 to Y4/5/6 and.....I'm terrified. Don't even know what to put on the walls, let alone what to teach - wish I could share the head's confidence that I can do the job!
  4. Are you going to be explaining why churches had pictures in their windows? If so, a great activity is for them to choose a story (Biblical if a Church school or Fairy Tale otherwise) and tell the story through illustrations only, then see if the rest of the class can guess what the story is. or maybe do Aesops fables, so they have to guess the message.

    I recently took a class (I do Primary supply work as well as teaching in a pre-school mornings) for a one off poetry session which I found quite daunting but it turned out ok. The teacher wanted me to read a story, then I had different kinds of Post Its. After a lot of discussion, they had to draw the character . Then they had to put different words onto the Postits and stick them round the picture. For example, adjectives on green Postits, verbs on pink....They were small rectangles. But one sort were the square ones which they then had to put sentences.
    I only had them for one afternoon but the teacher then continued with this work to create poems. Unfortunately I didn't see them so i don't know if they rhymed or not but you get the gist.
    One thing I learned from teaching Primary English over the past year is how important it is the get the discussion going centred around the pictures of the book and then produce the artwork first. This then motivates the children to move on to the written work.
    Let me know how it goes! Good luck!
  5. Hi
    It is a little scary isn't it!
    I am also moving from FS/Y1 to Y3. I subscribe to Hamilton and tweek the plans to suit my class. I used thier English plans last year and the children loved them so I am going to do the same in September for Y3 . We use Cumbria grid for learning as MTP for maths then match our scheme to the objectives. As a previous poster mentioned, Hamilton also have maths and topic which you might find useful.
    Good luck, but I am sure you won't need it!! [​IMG]
  6. I am sure you will be fine. I have taught Year 3 for years and they are lovely. Your school should have medium terms plans at least so I would follow that. Also you need to work closely with fellow KS2 teachers. Woodland junior School has lots of information on various topics. Primary Resources maybe a little dated on times but can be useful for some Powerpoints. Also Primary Works has lots of Powerpoints which you can buy cheaply.
    To be honest (and maybe I am wrong) but I am sure that it is easier to move up into Year 3 than down into Nursery !. That would scare me witless !.
  7. Thanks I will subscribe to the Hamilton plans site. I am quite lucky in terms of the classroom environment as from September my school are trying to start the integrated day were activities work on a carousel. There will be an introduction followed by a group of children with me an independent group and a group with the teaching assistant therefore I can have different areas for different activities going on.
  8. I'm exactly the same! I'm going to subscribe to the Hamilton site which has free examples of planning. My school has given me the topics I am required to cover throughout the year. It's just finding ways of teaching them to children of this age and at Key stage 2 level.
  9. Thank you will try that!
  10. happysparrow

    happysparrow New commenter

    It's a big jump, I am feeling the same way! I'm moving from secondary teaching to year three in September and am also feeling quite overwhelmed as to where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions for classroom displays?

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