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Early Years PGCE

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by marysharp, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hello

    I've just received an unconditional offer on an early years PGCE at northampton university. I'm really excited to start my course in september.

    I was after some advice on what I should be doing in the mean time, like what documents are useful and are there any books that you would recommend reading. I currently volunteer two days a week in a nursery attached to a school, have year 1 experience and I am going to spend some time in a reception class. The nursery teacher has been fantastic in explaining planning, observation and assessment with me so i'll already have an understanding of these ready for when I start.

    Any advice on what I can be doing until sept would be gratefully received.

  2. RELAX,it's the only chance you will get,x
  3. Ditto, RELAX! I am on the PGCE Primary at Northampton and there is no time to relax whilst you're on the course, so make the most of your time now. It's a great course and all of the staff are fantastic and supportive, but you won't have much of a social life for a year so enjoy it whilst you can.
  4. I also did the course and the MA in Education at Northampton. I would echo what others have said...it is a fantastic course but it takes over your life! I also understand that when you get your offer you are really enthusiastic and want to do things to get yourself ready. As you seem to have already looked at planning and assessment I would suggest photocopying any resources that the school has that will be useful (posters, templates, book lists, play dough recipes etc). Those kind of things are invaluable while you are training and when you secure your first teaching job! Well done for your place, enjoy it!

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