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early years pgce interview UCB....any advice??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by h4y, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. h4y


    I have an interview 5th March for the early years PGCE
    Have the usual english and maths tests and interview but also have to do presentation on theory and practice of SEN in early years, any advice on what things to include??
    Also have school based task - have to read story to a year 2 class any stories suggestions?
    Anyone been for an interview at UCB? information about the day would be very helpful!![​IMG]
    Hay x
  2. hi
    i went for an interview on the 8th January and got in. its very informal and the staff were friendly there were only 7 of us for interview on that day. i did my presentation on SEN i mentioned the SEN code of practice, disability discrimination act and personalising learning to meet the needs of the children. i also suggested some stratergies to support the children's learning. the written task that we had to do was on the rose review so it may be on this again or something completly different.
    sorry can't think of any stroies i did mine in reception.
    hope this helps. good luck let me know how you get on or if i can be of any further help.

  3. h4y


    Hi Sam,
    Thank you for your reply has been really helpful when putting my presentation together!
    The written task I have to do is also on the Rose review, but i've looked into this so hopefully will be ok!!
    Fingers crossed for next thurs :) I will let you know if i get a place
    Thank you again

  4. hey!
    i have also got an interview with them on the 26th. how did yours go? did they give u a one to one interview aswell? or was it just the group presentation and the maths and english test? it doesnt mention in my letter about an individual interview :S

    would be grateful for some advice :)

  5. h4y


    Just found out i got in!! Yay!!
    Hay x
  6. Congratulations, i'll be seeing you there. have you had anymore information?
  7. h4y


    :) No I haven't had any info from the uni yet only found out via track on weds.
    Have you had any info through?
    Hay x
  8. hi
    i had a letter come through on Saturday about the 2 summer days. :)
  9. h4y


    Yeh I had that through too [​IMG]
    x x
  10. Hey Iam waiting for an interview at ucb PGCE Early years 2010, can you please inform me of the whole process. Thankyou
  11. Hi, was wondering if you have had your interview and if there is any advice that you could give me? Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi,
    was this for an interview at BCU in perry barr or at UCB because it does not sound like the one for UCB. I have my interview on the 24th April. does anyone else have it on this day.
    Can anyone tell me what the written task was about and what sort of books you could read to a reception or nursery class. they have asked to take a resource to the school so do we have to do an activity with the children.
    Many thanks
  13. Oh Gosh my interview was at BCU not UCB, I totally mixed up the universities!! so sorry for any confusion!!

    Sunum1 is you interview at Birmingham City?
  14. Hi emily banks. No I had an interview at Bham City University, but I did not get a place there. I have an interview on the 24th April at University College Birmingham so wanted some advice and help from someone who has been already.
    All the universities sound the same in so people are easily mixed up, but never mind.
    well done on getting a place though. Good luck!
  15. Oh right! Yeh I think they are all pretty similar!
    Good luck for your interview! BCU was my second interview as I hadn't been successful at my first choice so persevere!
  16. Hi Sunum1,

    how did your interview go??? if you could please shed some light on the whole process I would be very greatful. The numeracy test is what is really worrying me as that is my greatest weakness! thanks!
  17. Gosh im so sorry i just realised that iv'e mixed up my dates!! My apologies.. how is your preperation going?
  18. Hi,
    do you have an interview at UCB as well and what date is it?
    I havent done much preparation yet as I have 5000 assignment to hand in that week as well. How is your prep going. my maths is the weakest as well and I'm trying to practice on that at the moment.
    I have chosen the book I am goind to read. Do we have to give the children an activity to do after reading the book. I have to go into nursery to do this part. Can you reply asap please. many thanks.
  19. Hi sunum1 I had interview back in November and have secured an unconditional place for UCB Early Years course in Sept 2012, well done in getting interview! Please don't be as nervous, I was really surprised at how less formal it was than anticipated. I originally applied to unis to do ITT BEd course when at college several years ago and found those much more formal than the UCB interview and much less intense, which surprised me considering how competitive PGCE courses are meant to be.
    Would def suggest prepping some activities for after story- linked into theme of book- as its surprising how quick the story goes. However, with nursery age would stick to simple ideas- songs/ rhymes- active if you know enough so you maintain their attention and don't get fidgety bottoms! simple games etc- this helps yourself too as you can show you're more confident as don't get flustered if they don't 'get' the activity lol. I read to small group of yr 1's and this was out of my comfort zone as I currently work in pre-school so am perfectly happy and confident with this age group but it's all part of the learning experience. I read a story called 'Millie's Marvellous Hat' and then took a small decorated box with me that linked to the story and encouraged the children to think imaginatively and lead the conversation (although of course ultimately I was leading by ensuring everyone had a turn and managed behaviour etc)
    My maths is weakest subject too- I am pants at mental arithmatic and have got to the point where my brain is freezing at any maths! and I'm not actually that bad at it once get knuckled down so try not to worry about it too much, at least you recognise it is a weakness and therefore know you need to work harder at it. The maths questions weren't as hard as I thought but did surprise me, I had overlooked the fact that the test is to see your ability up to KS2 level as when you qualify you are still able to teach KS2 as QTS even if did specialise in EY.
    The presentation went fine for me, although didn't practice it and so my timing was a little off and bluffed some of it lol. The small group interview wasn't as intense and focussed on me personally as I though it would be- I wasn't once asked why I wanted to be a teacher/ experience/ etc when was expecting a grilling and so had prepared to sell myself lol, although not sure what other small group were asked.What aspect are you doing poster/ presentation on? - I did ICT, which I actually found really constructive for my role in pre-school I currently have, and so within my presentation commented on the impact of simply doing the poster, showing a reflective nature.
    The English test asked me to write about what I believed created an ideal EY environment, ensuring that I referenced theory, etc. This was hard as I couldn't write anywhere near as much as I wanted to and was a little lost in how in depth to go, but other than that was fine as was an opportunity to write freely rather than analyse other texts etc.
    Hope that helps and reassure you a little. Hope your assignment goes well, if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

  20. Hi bex, thank-you so much for giving me so much information, it really does help. As you already work in pre-school I was going to read a book to the children and then show them the characters as I have the soft toys. I was also going to get them to do some colouring in or do a jigsaw related to the book with them. Do you think that's ok?
    For the presentation I was going to focus on SEN? What content did u include? did you just talk theory in relation to ict and early years. do you need to be very much specific or a geneal overview of SEN in EY.
    thanks for answering all my questions, I really appreciate it and congratulations on securing a place.

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