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Early Years PGCE interview at Northampton, any advice on the type of essay question I will have?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by emilybanks90, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Since getting the email about my interview I have been revising like mad trying to prepare! One thing I could really use some help with is the essay question for the English test, there is no given topic for the essay so if anyone has had an interview for Early Years PGCE at Northampton and could share the essay questions they have had I would be really grateful!
  2. chatch275

    chatch275 New commenter

    I had the question why would you like to study the course you have chosen...

    Hope thats helpful..
  3. Can anyone tell me any more about the Northampton PGCE Primary interview, what else does it entail and can you give any advice?

  4. Thank you for your response! Really helpful :)
  5. Do you have an interview date? The e-mail that Northampton sent me had a break down of everything I'd have to do at the interview, things like English and maths test, both oral and written, then a science test, there is also a group interview where we are to discuss something from our personal lives that we can bring to the teaching role, and following that an individual interview. They also ask you to take along original copies and photo-copies of my GCSE and A-level certificates, copy of my CRB conformation, confirmation of the dates I have been in school and a reference letter from the school I work in.
    If you type in a Google search you can find examples of the types of questions they ask during your individual interviews so you can prepare answers, also it might be useful if you read around current educational issues in case they ask you anything about them.
    Have you applied for Early Years or general Primary?

    Hope this helped!
  6. Thanks, general primary. I got the letter too with all those details, just wondered if anyone had already had an interview?
  7. Yeh I had the same letter, next week is the first lot of interviews the uni has done this year, only others I think were in December

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