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Early Years PGCE Cambridge? Homerton College?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jenniplumb, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hey...

    Anyone either on the Early Years PGCE in Cambridge 2007, or in Homerton xx
  2. Hey...

    Anyone either on the Early Years PGCE in Cambridge 2007, or in Homerton xx
  3. Hi Jenniplumb,

    I too am going to be starting the Early years course at Cambridge in sept - going to be in Emmanuel college not Homerton though but think lectures will be at Homerton.....not actually sure really....

    Trying to get my finance sorted out at moment - is very confusing!

    Julia x
  4. Heya
    I'm gonna be doing Early Years at Homerton with Homerton as my college as well.:)
    Have you received any information pack yet?

  5. Hi everyone,
    I'm starting at Cambridge on the early years course in September too. I'm at Emmanuel College, but we all have lectures at the education faculty (which is just next to homerton) together, so we'll see lots of each other! I'm so excited but haven't got very far with my finance forms yet! I haven't received an infomrtion pack- just CRB and medical forms and some things from Emmanuel.
    Look forward to meeting everyone- we're going to have a great year!
    Milly xx
  6. Hiya,

    I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone too - its going to be really exciting!

    I really want my information pack about the actual course - like you Milly, I have, as of yet, only received a small brochure thingy from Emmanuel and CRB forms. If you don't mind me asking - have you found out where to get student finance forms from? Are they online?

    Julia xx
  7. Secondary science rather than early years but will be Homerton college. Still attempting to sort out CRB check, school experience, finances and somewhere to live.
    Can't wait to start now!
  8. Yay I have finished my finance form. Woohoo. :)
    Now jsut need to sort out house to live in for next year .
    Can't wait to start
  9. Hi all...

    YAY...so excited now lol just these sily forms to do...havent got a big info pack yet just CRB and accomadation stuff...such a pain filling them all in grrr cant wait till next year to meet everyone though xx
  10. I got an info pack from Homerton towards the end of last week. Apart from a student handbook type thing, there was, oh yes, a whole bunch more forms
  11. I know - don't you love just more paperwork! tehehe
    Although was good to get lists of possible letting agencies for accommodation.
    Can't wait for it all to start and to meet everyone
  12. Secondry Science (with Chemistry) - College to be confirmed but Homerton first choice .. yer .. there is quite some paper work isn't there!? *nurses index finger* Be great to meet you all
  13. Hey leelewin Im doing secondary chemistry too! My college is Queens though.
  14. Cool! :) .. Im now confirmed as at Homerton
  15. Hi I am doing Early years at Cambridge as well and had Homerton confirmed as my college last week. Been busy filling in forms and having photos done, I think I've got it all sorted now and managed to arrange my Home School experience last week at a lovely school literally a 2 minute walk from my home! We are going to have a great year, we have a Homerton student placed in our school at present and she speaks so highly of the course, can't wait. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  16. I'm doing general primary and got confirmed at Homerton! Very excited. Does anyone have Ideas of where they are living?
  17. Ha - yes I have just seen that. Do you know, if your not living in halls, how to find accomodation? Are you in halls? Thanks for the reply!!
  18. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    I live locally already so not in student accomodation at all.
    The student accomodation office gives good advice I hear.
    http://www.accommodation.cam.ac.uk/ Months before the course started there was a Facebook group set up to get folks in contact with each other - might be worth getting the ball rolling on that. People arranged house-shares and various meet-ups across the country too. We still use the page for general ramblings, but also have pages for our Groups on the course (you'll be in Group 1 or 2 as you're Early Years). Might even be worth joining the current page to ask folks there for their landlord contacts?
    Good luck!

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