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Early years PE and Music

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by icklesmiley, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Can anyone help? Do you follow a PE scheme of work or a music scheme of work in Nursery Reception at all?
    At the moment we are doing leap into life but I'm nbot sure about it.
    Any ideas for teaching PE and Music- greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. suffolksmiler

    suffolksmiler New commenter

    Look at CBeebies - Boogie Beebies. They make up moves to themes, very simple to follow.
    You can get DVDs on Amazon.
    I am rubbish at teaching dance and found this helped in the nursery.
    Watch in the nursery, then try in a bigger space?
    Pick your own theme, create music using percussion instruments (shy children can do music and more confident make up moves) As the term goes on swap when children become more confident.
  3. Ive been looking at the Jolly Music scheme for teaching music in Rec.
    Its by the company that produced jolly phonics and from what I've seen of it, it's a good resource.
    (Prefer it to music express a lot!)
  4. suffolksmiler

    suffolksmiler New commenter

    Does jolly music come with a CD, I am useless without it. Our school use Music Express all the way through. I do not like the old fashioned Jolly Phonics videos. Are the more current resources less cheesy?
  5. Yes it does come with a CD with all of the songs/sequences etc that are needed in order.
    They are less cheesy but still not totally cheese free I must say!! I prefer to use them without the CD as much as poss....they are very ...'choral' kind of singers on it!

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