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Early Years (nursery)lesson observation format

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by justjoparts, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Hi There,
    Is there anyone who can help? I have recently had a lesson observation with my nursery children and was graded 'less than satisfactory'. All other obs have been graded good however this is the first ob where it was just nursery and was graded using the general format for all other key stages. I was given a time span of fifteen minutes and was criticised for not including a clear objective, success criteria and plenary. I do not teach a 'stand alone' numeracy session in nursery and include numeracy in my daily input for the register,day,date etc. where we use numberlines and record and count also including some partitioning for the higher abilities. I really feel upset that everyone else was given 40 mins to prove their worth and I was given just 15 mins and judged without even an acknowledgement to 'Development Matters' or 'Profile' statements and on a format that requires a three stage lesson plan which is o.k if you teach year six!! Can anyone shed any light or support as I have to challenge this and need some sort of alternative to be armed with. I would really appreciate any help or just support because ready to give up!

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