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Early Years and Gifted and Talented

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by katiewcps, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I am currently completing my dissertation in early years and would love some opinions on my subject! Is the Gifted and Talented government initiative necessary in early years?With such a balanced curriculum such as EYFS and personalised learning that occurs is there a place for the gifted and talented initiative.We value all children as being unique and celebrate their achievements, extensive assessments are carried and activities are differentiated to meet the needs of the children.All comments would be greatly appreciated
  2. Er- gifted and talented is no more............... least thats what I heard on Womans Hour radio 4

  3. L Thank you for information I will research into that
  4. I think for the majority of children it probably isn't necessary, in that as you say the EYFS enables all children to achieve no matter whether G and T or not. However, occasionally some children require even more support and provision given that they are exceptionally gifted/talented and usual provision is not enough. For example we have a child in reception who can calculate mathematical problems and sums (square roots, long division, fractions etc) that we have to stop and work out becuase he is so ahead of us - things as basic as the resources available in our classroom are not enough for him, and the differentiation we can provide within the classroom is to an extend limited. A G and T programme or access to G and T expertise would stop children like this from ulitmately becoming bored within their early years environment...
    Just my thoughts though!

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