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Early Release?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by PenName, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Yes - how did it go? I hope it turned out for the best.
  2. James. You are of course correct in saying that it is the LA who make the decision to pass or fail a NQT. However, in my experience, which is similar to others who have already posted on this thread, the LA largely base this decision on the paperwork collated by the school / Induction Tutor. Since, unsurprisingly, I suspect this usually records nothing other than that the school / Induction Tutor did their job effectively and thoroughly, gave the NQT lots of support and did everything they could to help the NQT to pass (even if the reality is far from this) I would be surprised if there were very many occasions when a LA does anything other than support the school's decision or at best recommends an extension. I would be delighted if you could assure me I was wrong here! If an extension is the best that could happen, you can see why so many NQTS in this position choose to not complete their third term, rather than run the risk of trusting their careers to the LA and possibly being failed without an extension and therefore not being able to teach again in the state sector.

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