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Early notice on maternity cover

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by HLM00, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. HLM00

    HLM00 New commenter

    I have an interview for a maternity cover job which will start at the beginning of October for a year. My concern is that this will prohibit me from applying for all the jobs that come out next year to start on 1 September 2020. Would I be able to give early notice to finish the contract at the end of August? I know it will depend what the contract says but I don't feel I can ask about this at interview. I just wondered if anyone has any experience of this and what the usual notice period would be. It states in the job advert that they are able to give early notice if the permanent job holder chooses to return early.
    Also do you think this would be very unprofessional?
    Thank you in advance for any advice.
  2. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    Usually maternity contracts have a one month notice period and in my experience they usually end before the end of the summer term so that the returning teacher can get paid for the holidays. So you will have no problems looking for a job with a September start.
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  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Even without the shorter notice period, you would be able to resign by May to leave at the end of August. As Agatha says, it's usually a shorter notice period for a maternity cover - it's generally regarded as good practice for the notice period to be the same either way.
    The chances are that the teacher will return on the first day of the summer holidays. Having September off unpaid versus being paid from July is quite a strong financial incentive, and starting back four weeks into term is not much fun either.

    Where the maternity leave does run across the summer, although it's administratively easier for the school if the same person covers the whole leave, in practice the change of classes/timetable in September means that there's little disruption to classes if there is a change then. Heads will generally understand that you'd be foolish to turn down a long-term post for the sake of those last few weeks.
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  4. HLM00

    HLM00 New commenter

    Thank you to both of you for your replies - that makes sense and makes me feel better!

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