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Early morning waiting

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Lucilla90, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Lucilla90

    Lucilla90 Occasional commenter

    I am new, so I have said yes to anything at the moment, as I need the money. I have had a few advance bookings, which I prefer. Overall, it’s so far, so good!

    One main problem...Though I agreed to early calls, I am not someone who can just jump out of bed and go. Also, I live quite a way from many schools. That means, I am getting up, sorted and dressed for work 6ish every morning. If there is no call by 8.30ish I can then get on with a few things, but until after 1pm I am in a sort of limbo again, in case there’s an afternoon call.

    How do other people manage the early morning ( and other) waiting? Should I be more “ Sleep/ get on wth life until otherwise informed, then they’ll have to wait”? Or maybe, get an easy to pick up and put down hobby for the waiting time?
  2. thewritingsupply

    thewritingsupply Occasional commenter

    I get up at 5ish, or just before, breakfast shower etc. Then dressed, waiting for the call. If nothing by 7:50 (latest), then that’s it for me.

    Will not do afternoon half days unless it’s very good pay.
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  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    That was the part I hated most- waiting for the call, So I can sympathize.

    I had 'teaching clothes' laid out ready the night before and was showered the previous night, so I could literally get dressed and go. (You need a simple comb through hairstyle.) I had my 'teaching bag' packed and put by the front door to grab as I left the house.

    I was very fortunate in that whilst the children were small my husband, being self-employed, was able to take the children to school so I could 'just go' when I got that call.
    If I hadn't had a call by 9, I presumed it was a no-call day and got dressed in 'normal clothes' and followed whatever I had plans for that day. Always a good idea to make some plans, but ones which could be changed at short notice.
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  4. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I always hated it - never got used to it and avoided it by doing longer term placements.

    I don't want to do it again any time soon.
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  5. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    It is something that you get use too, it can be a pain at times, not knowing if you are working or not and being unable to plan anything properly for the day. I usually operate a policy first come , first served approach and then based the job on pay, if they are offering peanuts then it is not worth my effort, also if the school is a complete and utter sh*thole, then I would have to think about it, depending on my experiences there previously. So take the first is sensible, in that you may not get anything else.

    I personally like to be awake around 5 am, then take dog out for its first of its two walks at about 5.45, unless the dog demands that she wants to go put earlier and then get dressed by 7 am and wait to around 9.15 to see if I am getting any work, I have no breakfast, but a cup of strong tea in the morning.
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  6. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    I don't mind the early morning calls - perhaps because I have done it for so long. I use Lara's routine and get everything ready in the evening, then get up around 5:45 to do my makeup and have breakfast; if I get a shout then I will get quickly dressed and leave within 5 minutes of getting the call.

    If I don't get a call, I usually go back to bed for a nap then get up to do chores, study or perhaps go into town for errands.

    And come on here of course.
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  7. captain scarlet

    captain scarlet Established commenter

    Get up at 6.
    get myself sorted.
    bag is ready.
    Suit on a hanger, NOT me, i'm in jeans.
    couple cups of tea, folowed by at least one of coffee.
    On setee with the dogs, doze a bit.
    If call comes, ok I will be at least 15 mins before I leave, that ok with you?
    Lunch made, flasks made.
    Bye to all,
    leave the house.
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  8. LunaBlue123

    LunaBlue123 New commenter

    I get up at 5/5.30am, have a bath, put clean pyjamas on,apply a little make up and brush my hair. I potter about checking emails etc with my diary open and my phones within easy reach.

    My bag's always packed the evening before and my clothes are sorted too. It takes minutes to get changed if I get a call. I can be out of the door in 5-10 minutes.

    I tend to grab fruit/cereal bars for lunch on days when I've taken a morning call. I don't have time for anything more substantial anyway due to the masses of marking in Primary!

    I've had calls as late as 8.45am but most come much earlier. If I haven't had a call by 9.00am, I relax and get on with my day. My supply service know I don't do afternoon bookings so I don't have the hassle of being "on call" all day.
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  9. lulu57

    lulu57 Lead commenter

    Up at 6.30.
    Pootle in bathroom.
    Brekky in bed.
    Read in bed.
    Await call.
    Call comes - get dressed - lick of mascara - out the door.
    No call - read and snooze!
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  10. HeyDuggee

    HeyDuggee New commenter

    I get everything ready the night before because if I get a morning call I have to drive my son over to my parents so that they can finish getting him ready and take him to school for me. Im up by 6 to try and get myself ready before my son wakes up (never happens!). My agency know that if they ring after 8 I won't be able to accept work because I'd either never get to a school on time because I have to drop my son off first or would mean he would be late for school. If I dont get a call I take him to school,come home and change clothes then get on with my day.
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  11. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    It is very unsettling and makes me feel quite anxious. However, that is the nature of this work, I suppose. However, a longer run of days is always preferable, so long as the school is tolerable.
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  12. lulu57

    lulu57 Lead commenter

    I think it's your frame of mind while you're waiting for the call that really matters.
    Once I know I'm prepared and the notepad is beside the bed, I switch off and bury myself in my book. That way, I'm not worrying and any phone call is a nice surprise!
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  13. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    My normal day was not unlike my supply days, goes something like this.

    Get up 5 am
    Have breakfast - normally toast and something - 5,15 am
    Turn on laptop - check emails.
    Get dressed/washed.generally prepared - by 5.45 ish
    Load up car - hit the road - 6 am
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  14. sljohns17

    sljohns17 New commenter

    Waiting around for the call that might not happen is one one the snags of the job; it really isn't nice. I gave myself a cut off point which is 8:30. After that, just get on with your day. Just don't go too far and keep your phone on you incase of an afternoon call.

    You're always going to have that feeling of being in limbo with it, unfortunately.

    Also, if you really don't like a school for whatever reason, say so to your agency. If you say youll take anything, trust me they'll send you to 'anything'. If you do like a particular school go the extra mile for them and give the head a cv. That can make big impressions for future work.
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  15. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    As I've said many times - I hated it.
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  16. fionaB88

    fionaB88 New commenter

    Gosh I don't wake up until 7.30 so there's much less waiting around time as I'm asleep!
    Agencies don't tend to call until 8.10am.
    So I make sure I'm awake enough to answer the phone coherently and then have breakfast, read or do yoga.

    Everything's ready the night before. Just got to get myself ready if the phone rings.
  17. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    Up at 6.30. Ready by 7.00
    Got the call at 8.00 this morning. Out the door by 8.10. Heavy traffic, closed and flooded roads. In school at 9.10. Kids in assembly, so I get my head around the Lit planning for the first lesson. Study the Maths planning during Break.
    Lovely Yr5 class. No issues at all. No TA.
    Back home by 4.00.
    That's just the way it is.
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  18. Abadie

    Abadie New commenter

    If I'm feeling organised (usually when I am working on a long-term assignment)...
    Lunch made, bag packed, shaved, phone charged and petrol in car the night before.

    When I'm less ready....
    Out of bed 6:45 ish, shaved and dressed by 7:00, nervous look at phone, mug of tea and a mouthful of cereal by 7:10, more nervous looks at phone, 7:35 'bit the bullet' and answer the phone, 7:40 on the way...
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  19. claudette_A

    claudette_A New commenter

    Night before:
    1) Packed lunched (usually sandwiches, cereal bar, fruit, those £3 meal deals end up getting quite expensive overtime).
    2) Prepared teacher's rucksack(stationery and other essential tools)
    3) Smart clothes on hangers

    On the day:
    6:50am Alarm phone goes off, press snooze.
    6:55am Wake up, switch on computer, roll out of bed, wash, breakfast(still in home clothes)

    8:45am No call, go back to bed or do some errands round the house.

    9:00am Day begins...

    Alternative scenario
    7:00 - 8:30am Phone rings, get bit of a heart attack from surprise, check details on google maps>good>confirm>change clothes>off to work
    [It always takes longer than specified time on google maps- so plan for double to build your reputation as being punctual otherwise you'll end up arriving late, flustered at school]

    3:30pm Day ends...Hurrah no pointless briefing sessions, assessment review, Insets to attend...
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  20. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I'm a full time teacher who is rapidly coming to the conclusion that full timing is becoming totally unsustainable.
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