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Early literacy workshop for parents

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by t4me, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. We are planning our early literacy/this is how we teach reading evening for parents. We would like to make it more of a workshop than a 'sit and listen' session. We will be giving them information on synthetic phonics, how children will learn to blend and segment, letter formation, look at reading books etc. We were really looking for ideas for 'hands on' activities that parents might be prepared to try. We had thought about:
    dough, threading, tweezers - to see how they would develop fine motor skills
    listen and copy instruments - phase 1/ listening
    investigate story sacks
    We would really welcome any other ideas ....?

  2. I would have thought the dexterity activities are a bit too far removed from 'reading skills' to include when you have a finite time to inform parents.
    Can you use the resources and programme that you use with the children in your school - but keep it as core as possible.

    Perhaps you can show them the Simple View of Reading and then provide cover activities associated with developing 'oral comprehension', the talk about synthetic phonics, and then talk about the importance of literature itself.
    In other words, that's three parts to the talk:

    1) Developing oral comprehension
    2) All about synthetic phonics focusing on your actual programme and resources
    3) The range of literature - from reading aloud to children, talking about types of books, fiction and non-fiction, the advent of cumulative, decodable reading books to support the children's growing alphabetic code knowledge.
  3. we had a whole school evening on reading/literacy activities recently. In F S we had a pyjama party where the children came back in their jimjams and nighties and brought their fav bedtime story to read. we had soft lighting lots of duvets and lots of books to boost the importance of bedtime stories. (we also gave them hot choc drink.) Plus lots of activities to support early reading skills.
  4. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    What a lovely idea!!
  5. spectra75

    spectra75 New commenter

    im doing one in end of sep. my staff and i will be
    - doing role play of different scenrios where parents can support literacy. eg walking around super market ,bed time reading...dinner time. rhyming etc.


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