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Early Learning Goals, Communication Language & Literacy, Linking Letters & Sounds

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by thumbshrew, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Yes, it's a pain in the behind! Hopefully the new EYFS will have ironed some of these anomalies out. I always give them the point if they know at least 14 of the alphabet letter names. We practise them in the alphabet song from letters and sounds (to the tune if Bobby Shafto) and then at some point assess them in random order. I use alphabet names when showing digraphs before saying the phoneme, but without overemphasising it - I just mention it as I write the digraph on the board or show a flashcard. I also explain - this is what the letters are called/ these are the letter names, and this is the sound....
  2. EY_Teacher

    EY_Teacher New commenter

    I do the same as the above comment - if they know half of the Letter Names, they get the point. I don't teach my children their Letter Names until the beginning of May. Most of them pick them up really quickly, but a few do find it tricky. When first introduce them I show them pictures of animals - what sound does it make? Meow. What is it's name? Cat. What sound does it make? Mmmmm. What's it's name? M. It seems to work quite well - I THINK that I got that from Letters and Sounds. I really can't remember!
  3. That is indeed how Letters and Sounds suggests we introduce the letter names, hayley24.
    Letters and Sounds also suggest when we introduce letter names. I've always found the progression throught the phases very helpful.
  4. EY_Teacher

    EY_Teacher New commenter

    The Phases are very helpful - some of the Phase 1 activities are very good. The only thing I don't like about Letters and Sounds is the order of some of the sounds. I do swap some of them round to suit my children.
    Thinking back to the original post - with the introduction of the new profile, I don't think you'll have to worry with point 4 - going by what we were told at our last Cluster meeting!

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