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Early entry on a legacy exam and league tables query

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by recliningbuddah, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter

    We entered our year 11s (2019 leavers) for their GCSE WJEC/EDUQAS Film Studies exam at the end of Year 10 (summer 2018), which was on the legacy A* to G spec - they had studied it for 2 years as we have a 2 year KS3 and they sit one exam early at the end of year 10.

    We've looked at the 'GCSE Reform Guide' and the 'KS4 qualifications and discount codes' document and it says that the legacy exam does not count on the 2019 league tables, but the new 9-1 spec was from first teaching 2017, first exam 2019, so they couldn't have sat the new spec 9-1 exam anyway.

    Does anyone know how this works for the P8/league tables? Will their grades not count for the school? Anyone got a link as everything I have read this morning does not sound positive!

    Many thanks.
  2. billyhoyle

    billyhoyle New commenter

    I don’t believe they will be counted in any of your statistics. The new 9-1 Film Studies would be the only valid qualification to count for Progress 8, etc., as it says in the Reform Guide.

    Have you done early entry in Film for a while or is this a new strategy?
  3. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter


    Thanks for your reply.

    We have always done early entry, for one option, at the end of year 10. The first exam, on the new first teaching from 2017 spec, was 2019, so they could only have sat the legacy 2018 exam at the end of year 10 even if we had moved over to the new spec at the start of year 10 (in 2018).

    It is looking like there are a number of other subjects that will impact on this too (e.g. other students sat GCSE Media).

    It looks like, if someone had looked at this more closely at the time (!), we should have started the new specs and run them into Year 11...
  4. pi r squared

    pi r squared New commenter

    It almost certainly won't count, but unless students get substantially higher grades in that qualification than the others, it's unlikely to have a massive impact on the school's P8 figure (presuming they have enough other qualifications to fill the buckets).

    Early entry is a massive minefield, though - I'm still surprised schools still do it.
  5. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    Early entry is a massive minefield, though - I'm still surprised schools still do it.[/QUOTE]

    My daughters school have a 3 year KS4 and do this - it allows the pupils to take an extra option as they do one option subject in year 9 and 10 (then take the exam in year 10) and another in year 10 and 11. Not the ebac ones though, they are all done for full 3 years

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