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Early entry for GCSE written paper

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by finamar, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    I am considering entering students for the AQA written paper in Y10. What sort of success have you had if you have tried it? I'm thinking of trialling it with Systems this year and then the other subjects once I've seen how well it goes. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Read the Chief Examiners reports, they all describe immature responses form candidates who are entered early.
    If you do decide to enter early what is the reasoning? If it is so you can have a second try later, remember the effect on a student who fails in year 10.
    Anyway early entry will only be possible for a couple more years as all GCSE are going linear,so both coursework and paper will need to be taken at the same time.
  3. Tried it, exam results were a disaster. one C grade, lots of E,F and G.
    Aren't they changing to so you have to do the exam in final year.
  4. Also additional costs of resits
  5. This is my second year for doing early entry and would certainly recommend it. My HOD was sceptical but most students performed better in Year 10 as they had less exams to revise for and gave them a focus at the end of their first year. The predicted A's didn't necessarily reach the top grades but it was a big motivator for those students who were predicted C or below by FFT. I also feel that we were nearly the only subject who was leaving every part of the course till the end of Year 11. If all subjects go to one sitting it will mean we are all on a level field.
  6. I think it depends upon the subject. We do it at our school in Graphics, Textiles and Res Mats. Res Mats and Textiles have both done ok (textiles did better than ok to be honest, all A's and B's, which was a surprise for all involved, but that?s another story).
    In Graphics we have entered yr10?s last year and this. This year we also had some resist because results were so bad last year. I think this was down more to do with the fact that the paper has got really difficult to predict and answer. The board have a new examiner whose papers pupils are finding difficult to access. The questions are long winded and often badly written. In his report last year he said marks were low due to the pupils being from yr10 and showing an immature response. However this year the results were equally as bad. 66% would get you an A*. However only a small percentage of the pupils entered are getting this top mark. I think he should be looking at how he writes the paper not blaming the pupils or the teachers. I?m sure he will say it is the teachers not teaching enough of the Specification. I have quite a lot of experience teaching Graphics but I find the paper hard to understand!
    So to sum up, in Graphics, results were pretty similar in Yr 10 and 11, i.e. equally poor, but I agree with the idea that it gives a focus to year 10 and spreads the pressure a bit. It seems to work for Res Mats and Textiles.
    Can?t comment on Systems as we don?t do it and our electronics guy seems unaware that the spec has changed!

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