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Early Childhood (Pre-Primary) teachers in Aus

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by emilyshea, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. emilyshea

    emilyshea New commenter

    My partner and I are looking to immigrate to Australia on a skilled workers visa. They no longer have Primary school teachers as a profession in shortage, however they do have Early Childhood (Pre-primary) teachers on the profession shortage list.

    I have a 3 year BSc(Hons) in Physiotherapy and completed a year's PGCE in general Primary. During my training I did 25 days in Year 1 (5-6 year old) and 150+ days in Year 4 (8-9 year olds). The Australian teacher skills website specifies that I need 45 days supervised teaching experience with children aged 0 to 8, so technically would I qualify?

    Has anyone been through a similar process or know anything about the state of teaching for overseas teachers in Aus?

    Please help!
  2. scabbers88

    scabbers88 New commenter

    I'm also interested in this area. After being in Oz over Christmas we are looking into a move down under. My husband has visited more then I have and is really keen on the idea. luckily I have a PGCE which covers me for children 3-11. However I have not yet worked in a nursery setting. I have been in a reception unit for 3 years and I now teach year 2 in an independent school. I do not know how realistic it is for us to move? Have I got the relevant experience? Could I get work in Sydney (kinda have to go there so husband has more chance of finding work in his area). I have seen so many stories of people not finding work and having to come home and sadly I can't work rurally because my husband needs work.
  3. julie180

    julie180 New commenter

    We're in the middle of this now and have just been refused by AITSL (the body you'll need to get a yes from to apply for your visa) o the grounds that my pgce doesn't qualify because it's not early years specific, even though the 45 days practise was all with under eights and i had 4 years teaching experience all in key stage one. We're now reviewing our options. do your research AITSL are very particular in what they want.

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