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Early Administration KS1 sats

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lollylopkins, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. lollylopkins

    lollylopkins New commenter

    My school has been lucky enough (cough) to be selected to do the KS1 reading test in April in order to help them set the standardised raw scores. Does anyone know if they will take into account the fact that those children doing the test early will have two months (potentially) less teaching than other children?
  2. mantilla

    mantilla New commenter

    You have my sympathy! I believe that the tests just inform your teacher assessment, so when doing your teacher assessment you just take into account the learning that will have gone on in the time since they took the test. Please feel free to correct me if this is not right!
  3. Jesmond12

    Jesmond12 Star commenter

    I expect not as they have probably not decided yet. But who knows as they make up policy on a daily basis.
  4. mrs_g

    mrs_g New commenter

    We've been selected to administer the SPAG test early.

    Our email said that when making our teacher assessments in May, we should take into account the further learning that will have taken place.
  5. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    Yep, we've been chosen for the GPS one. Great! I wish it had been maths. Oh well, it will influence their understanding of current standards and as long as everyone truthful then they should get the picture. Still I'd rather have the extra time!
  6. bernroy

    bernroy New commenter

    And I wish it had been GPS for us. Much easier to cram in spellings and grammar than a whole year's maths curriculum! Or maybe that's just my class! And I shall use exclamation marks as I wish!!!!!!
  7. Malenko

    Malenko New commenter

    Who is the they you speak of and how do you want "them" to account for it?

    At KS1 given it's ulimately teacher assessment and SATs are a piece of work that informs it, the time the work was done (and progess demonstrated in work since) would be taken into account. The STA webinars seemed to support this position too (whilst noting that it's only "a few weeks" - maybe a month, early).
  8. Sundaytrekker

    Sundaytrekker Star commenter

    Yes, we are doing reading too. You will need to take into account that they will have had more learning by the time you enter your teacher assessment. Yes, presumably they know the results from these early tests will be a bit lower than the later ones when they are working out scaled scores.
  9. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    KS1 tests waste of time and money.
  10. bryangray

    bryangray New commenter

    We have also been selected. However the "window" coincides completely with our EAster holiday.
    We advised the DfE but they appear to have ignored this as we received a further email regarding when the tests would be delivered.
    I contacted the DfE and asked what we should do and they have said they will let us know next week - a week before the window begins!

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