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EAL students

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by coffee-breff, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. coffee-breff

    coffee-breff New commenter

    Like many schools we have more EAL students to teach than we have in the past. We have been discussing the difficulties this has created. We were looking for tests that we could set them when they arrive to judge their maths ability.
    This site may be of use to other schools.


    The site has 6 maths tests in 30 different languages.

  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    I wrote some special tests for new arrivals with little English. One was lower level, and had arithmetic, plus other questions with no words in: ___ cm^2 next to a diagram is fairly good indicator of what's wanted, as is a question mark in an angle. The other majored on algebra, and catered more for the Koreans and Chinese. I'd show both to the pupil, and let them select which was more appropriate.

    The other thing I learned in that school was that most countries do not do the amount on symmetry and transformations that we do. The most telling was the lad who had been out of the UK from year 7-9; he had done symmetry in KS2, but made no connection with reflections at year 10 level. We put on an a symmetry afternoon, for all the new arrivals in KS3, plus some from neighbouring primary's year 6, plus a couple of native SEN kids who had particular spatial issues. We did a circus of all the things the others might have done in primary: paint splodging, folding and cutting, drawing reflections, etc.

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